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Symbol SFX
Token sale opening date

1. Sep 2017

2 months ago

Token sale closing date

31. Oct 2017

18 days ago


Soferox has been conceived and designed to bring the first free way to send, receive and store the most popular and favorite cryptocurrencies. They will be offering individuals and companies the ability to create invoices, send and receive payments, exchange and swap currencies, and act as a safe and secure vault, all while charging no fees. As the project grows and expands they look forward to adding more features to open more avenues and appeal to more markets to facilitate converting more fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies.



Aaron Mathis - CEO

Alex Williams - CTO

Chris Bennett - Marketing Manager

Country of origin USA


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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Hey everyone this is the first platform to adopt our blockchain and that we have partnered with. Go check them out! · 2 days ago

Things have been busy here. Be sure to follow our telegram for daily talks! · 8 days ago

Happy to announce all pre-sale investors have been awarded extra tokens giving them a 60% bonus on ALL transactions. Thank you for patience! · 18 days ago

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Soferox Updated 11/7/2017 Good day everyone. We are getting a large amount of emails every day asking for an update and that is just not feasible to answer them all and keep making progress. We are giving this update to better put things in line for how you will stay informed moving forward. With that emails sent to support or any one of Soferox asking for an update will no longer be replied to as it is taking up too much time. First, join our telegram as we have a lot of people on there who are smart and can answer questions and I usually get on 3-5 times a day to talk. That is a great place to talk and discuss things. Second, weekly updates will be given out also across all channels (BTCTalk, Facebook, Telegram, etc.). Where are we now and what is next? We are 7 days out of the ICO and so far it has been many meetings and mostly planning. We want to have an excellent plan of attack to better utilize funds raised and not waste any funds or spend unnecessarily, so budget meetings have been my life past few days. Immediate Goals: 1. Soferox Forum. We want this to better communicate, give updates, and track progress in a location that everyone knows they can always go to for updates. A blog is also possible within this task 2. Network protocols expanded for large scale use. 3. Begin large scale test. 4. Authentic mining platform for global use. 5. Bug checks for 1-4. 6. API/SDK Documentation 7. Possible Alpha Testing **Update on Exchange Listing** Due to the nature of the upcoming bitcoin fork most exchanges have frozen the adding of new coins, so this is something we cannot control, and we anticipate the weeks following for things to be shaky in the market. As of now SFX will postpone any listing progress until after the eminent BTC Fork. We don’t want to enter the market when it has the potential for a heavy crash. We appreciate the patience of everyone and look forward to making progress. -The Soferox Team 10 days ago

Public Statement: We are out of the ICO now and have a lot of people messaging us asking questions we answer in our FAQ, but we will set some things straight. We are working with exchanges now for listing, but cannot release names per their request and signed contracts. When we know, you will know. Also Soferox was an ICO to get funds to create everything needed for the project. People seem to think that everything just magically will turn on now and that is not the case. We have had a timeline on our home page for when things are to be released. Please go to to learn more. We try to reply to all messages, but the constant floods of the same questions are beginning to take up too much time. If a question that is answer in the FAQ is asked, we will not be replying to it. This is to keep things flowing and to keep our dates for deadlines possible. We appreciate everyone’s support in the ICO and look forward to making this project a reality! 16 days ago

**Soferox ICO - LAST Day** Today is the last day for the 35% bonus. Be sure to purchase your tokens today if you want to receive the bonus. Soferox is a new generation of blockchain tech with a C# SDK. Support us by going to 17 days ago

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