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SVE Sportvest

Venture into sports

Sportvest Venture Fund will divest the Token-Sale proceeds over a period of time investing in a portfolio of diversified sports businesses that operate both on or off the blockchain Digital Assets with all potential investments being approved by the Fund’s Advisory Board. Through the use of blockchain technology, Sportvest captures the value of our sports Fun using a Token that is publicly tradable. The values of the Portfolio Companies who constitute the Fund are continuously assessed based on an innovative approach utilizing token micro-sales Power Law Sales providing them with a stream of market value based estimates, along with their Brand Equity Algorithms and Nav measurements to provide a basis for the most accurate valuation of these Portfolio Companies. Their valuation Algorithm is a multi-factor estimation algorithm that can learn and adapt within a band around these more formal estimates and adjust based on Kalman Filters to mitigate errors and some of the flaws in human judgement currently in Vc Nav models.



Ben Godfrey - Founder/General Partner

Jason Wood - General Partner

Eamonn Donlyn - General Partner

Gayatri Sarkar - General Partner

Tim O’Brien - Chief Technology Officer

Brandon Holt - Token Manager

Filipe Figueiredo - Community Manager

Cole Kennelly - Growth Strategist

Camille Jones - Compliance/Strategy Manager

Jacob Margossian - Social Media Strategist

Alberto Maiorana - Strategic Partnerships

Ricardo Taveras - VC Fellow

Country of origin USA


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