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STKR Stackr

Savings solution for the blockchain community

15. Jan 2019 - 28. Feb 2019

Stackr is a global long-term savings solution, through which a personalized trust structure allows investors to hold a diversified portfolio of both capital and digital assets. The intersection of traditional finance and modern-day financial technology has enabled Stackr to pioneer this innovative, secure and flexible savings solution. Saving has long been the cornerstone of wealth generation. As technology evolves, it is apparent that savings solutions need to move forward in a similar manner. Stackr promises exactly this by removing traditional frictions that adversely impact savings solutions, while pioneering machine learning driven investment options within a secure trust structure. Stackr is the first of its kind and at the forefront of intelligent investing. The core investment choices are the culmination of decades of traditional investment experience combined with cutting-edge machine learning (ML) techniques, curated with an emphasis on delivering long-term sustainable results. Digital asset exposure affords investors an opportunity to track an index of top crypto assets with a protected option against drawdown. Capital asset choices allow investors exposure to global markets, with an ML driven risk management approach facilitating intelligent long-term exposure. Holding options in crypto and fiat furthermore afford investors ultimate flexibility.



Cobus Kruger - CEO & Founding Partner

Brendan Gallagher - COO & Founding Partner

Piers Fox - Head of Marketing

James van Zyl - Head of Finance

Gideon Faasen - Head of Investments

Jonathan Clark - Head of Technology

Maria Clara Mejia - Head of Design

Rosemary Lang - Compliance Consultant

Country of origin Cayman Islands


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