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DSLA Stacktical

Automatic Downtime Compensation

15. Jan 2019 - 15. Mar 2019

By turning service level agreements into smart contracts, Stacktical helps online service providers showcase provably high scalability and high reliability of their services, while automatically compensating their customers for performance failures, downtimes and unresponsive customer support.

Much like an insurance, a service level agreement or "SLA" is a contract that defines the quality of service customers should expect from their online service providers and ways to settle disputes when the agreed quality is not met.

While interesting on paper, it is so expensive to define, negotiate and enforce service level agreements that they can only be offered by wealthy providers to wealthy customers in exchange for a premium.

The underlying economy of the Stacktical platform is designed to decrease the cost of this premium, boost the morale of customer support agents and site reliability engineers, and democratise access to high quality of service for individuals, businesses and all online service stakeholders.

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Wilhem Pujar - Co-founder & CEO

Jean-Daniel Bussy - Co-founder & CTO

Yosra Helal - Blockchain Engineer

Aurélie Kando - Operation Officer

Martin Balk - Blockchain Engineer

Country of origin France


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