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Decentralised communication network & ecosystem

18. Oct 2018 - 18. Dec 2018

The Sylo Protocol provides confidential communication as a utility to the Sylo Confidential Communication App. The protocol acts as the confidential networking layer for the Sylo App, creating P2P connections and providing a way for users to interact and exchange data confidentially. The Sylo Protocol is being developed to provide fully decentralised confidential communication as a utility to all connected-apps within the Sylo ecosystem. Powered by blockchain and combined with other decentralised technologies, this Protocol will act as the networking layer for the Sylo DApp and 3rd-party connected-apps, while providing charging options for specific communications and services over the network. The fully decentralised Sylo DApp will be the 1st application built on the blockchain-based Sylo Protocol, using technology already commercialised in the Sylo App that’s currently used by thousands globally, available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. The Sylo DApp will be released in public beta in Q4 2018.



Brian Russell - Director

Aaron McDonald - Director

Robin Johannink - Director

Daniel Gillespie - Director

Brendon Packard - Director

Dorian Johannink - Business Director

Ben Jordan - Product Director

Felix Schlitter - Lead Engineer

James Carolan - Head of Design

Scott Twiname - Senior Engineer

Country of origin Singapore


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