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The 4th Pillar

FOUR The 4th Pillar

Changing the way HR industry works today

4. Jun 2018 - 30. Aug 2018

They have created a blockchain-based futuristic hub that will serve and change HR&finance industry forever, and at the same time have a positive effect on the environment! Working BETA is online for testing



Tali Rezun - Founder / CEO

Ales Zizmund - Dep. Ceo

Dusan Lazar - Co-Founder & COO

Roman Dobrina - Co-Founder & CFO

Jaka Gornik - Co-Founder & CMO

Denis Jazbec - CITO & IT Blockchain Development

Boris Savič - Smart Contract Development

Polona Remic - Smart Contract Development

Igor Zorko - IT/Legislation Specialist

Gregor Irt - IT Specialist

Andrej Zorko - IT Specialist

Andrej Gorenjak - IT Specialist

Marta Pilch - Project Coordinator

Miha Bozic - Cso/Business Development Expert

Janez Skobe - Creative Director

Ales Jazbec - IT/Web Developer

Jan Jordan Frangeš - Content Creator

Aljaz Jadek, Jadek Pensa - Legal

Mitja Podpecan, Jadek Pensa - Legal

Damjan Kosec - Media & PR

Natasa Kutlaca - Blockchain Copywriter

Silvo Fortuna - Support Team

Jernej Belaj - Community Manager

Peter Kecek - SE Europe Business Developer

Anton Dobrina - Legislation Specialist

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Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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