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The Abyss

Crypto Reward Ecosystem for Gamers and Developers

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Symbol ABYSS
Token sale opening date

18. Apr 2018

a day ago

Token sale closing date

16. May 2018

in a month


The Abyss is a next generation digital distribution platform, delivering all types of video games (Free2play MMOs and cryptogames being a key priority), including AAA-titles, where gamers and developers can profit from multilevel referral program and other activities.



Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky - Founder

Vladimir Kurochkin - President

Artem Veremeenko - Executive producer

Vladimir Martynov - CTO

Evgeny Petrov - CMO

Virginia Lam - Marketing Lead

Albert Tugushev - Head of Development department

Alexey Kobelev - Tech Lead & Blockchain engineer

Anton Chertikovtzev - Maintenance Director

Stepan Leshchenko - Art Director

Evgeniy Kharchenko - Head of customer service

Artem Savin - HR

Country of origin Malta


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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|DAICO、4月18日UTC14:00に開始 · 2 days ago

|DAICO начнётся 18 Апреля 2018 года (14:00 UTC) · 2 days ago

|Как сделать возврат средств, отправленных 16 Апреля, 2018 · 2 days ago

|DAICO начнётся 18 Апреля 2018 года (14:00 UTC) · 2 days ago

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💥Ta-dah! 💥 So proud to announce that Soft Cap target is reached! We have collected more than 11538 ETH + 94526 BNB… · 2 hours ago

💥Ta-dah! 💥 So proud to announce that Soft Cap target is reached! We have collected more than 11538 ETH + 94526 BNB… · 2 hours ago

Going the distance! The road that brought us to #DAICO in 30 seconds. No turning back, looking straight ahead.… · a day ago

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We really do apologize that we failed to timely prevent funds from being sent directly to the smart contract on April 16. Those who have sent contributions, will be provided an opportunity to participate in the Token Sale (DAICO) either with funds you have sent or with a new pledge. Besides, the entire refund will be available. Token Sale (DAICO) starts on April 18, 2018, at 14:00 UTC. The countdown time for bonuses will start together with the Token Sale. Read more at our #Medium post. #Blockchain #Ethereum #ICO #DAICO #TheAbyss 2 days ago

Сounting down the last hours till #TheAbyss Token Sale (#DAICO). Now that we are entering the finish line, we would like to introduce the recent updates, related to our project: • The smart contract audited by NewAlchemy and Oceanico, and deployed on Etherscan; • The course for ETH and BNB tokens is set; • The list of our multisig wallets addresses revealed; • 3% bonus for the first contribution info added. Read more at our #Medium blog post. #Blockchain #Ethereum #ICO 3 days ago

#TheAbyss is now powered by #Akamai, the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, providing fast, reliable and secure Internet solutions. We have chosen Akamai as our #CDN provider. Akamai’s technologies, being the world’s best, will be used for the digital content distribution after the launch of the platform. Read more at our #Medium blog post. #Blockchain #Ethereum #ICO #DAICO 6 days ago

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