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AI-Driven E-mail Marketing solution backed with smart contract

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Symbol TRG
Token sale opening date

11. Jun 2018

6 days ago

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11. Jul 2018

in 23 days


They will be implementing AI solution in their existing email marketing platform. This step will allow them to provide better email marketing services based on artificial intelligence and this will be very beneficial for companies that do email marketing, because emails can get ultra-personalized and it results in revenue increase. AI solution will be implement together with Ethereum Blockchain, backed with smart contracts that will extend functionality of our platform. They need to use smart contracts in order to maintain parity between the client and service provider(Triggmine). For example, their AI Platform analyzes your website and says that it's possible to increase your email conversion rate by 5%, tells the amount you have to pay for it and if you agree then smart contract is effective. In case AI doesn't reach 5% conversion rate, user won't be charged. They believe, that providing such technology which dramatically improves email marketing, will be very useful for companies and it ensures that everything is transparent and requirements between two parties are always met.

Articles and research

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Igor Solovyov - Founder

Max Solovyov - Founder

Den Chikalov - COO

Alexander Glushchenko - CTO

Serhii Myrko - Business Analyst

Roman Krutko - Data Scientist

Tonya Makarenko - Content Marketing Manager

Igor Stavytskyi - Senior Software Engineer

Stas Havryliuk - Customer Service Manager

Alex Kagan - Digital Marketing Manager

Country of origin Slovenia


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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