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TRG Triggmine

A decentralized platform for marketing automation

20. Sep 2018 - 20. Oct 2018

Triggmine is a decentralized platform for marketing automation. It is aimed to eliminate the main paint points for small and medium-sized businesses in eCommerce - lack of expertise and lack of resources. Triggmine creates a new generation of marketing with the self-adjustable intelligent system and payment for real user action. On the top of the platform there is an AI-powered personal assistant that helps businesses perform better with no manual intervention.


  • Blockchain

Blockchain technology acts as the tool for decentralization and creating economic incentive. This is the only technology to ensure complete independence from the control of any principal party.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The intelligent self-adjustable system assists in reaching a new level of personalization that will help small and medium-sized businesses compete with enterprises in terms of providing better customer experience.

  • Consensus

Consensus is a multi-party agreement — a protocol followed by all types of involved parties. It enables the specification of the obligations each of the parties must follow to trigger the exchange of payment.


  • For ecommerce businesses

Access all-in-one assistant that helps determine, analyse, and develop a way to lift an estore to the next league

  • For AI developers

Get reward for providing info that positively affects the estore’s performance and a complementary market to offer their services

  • For data providers

Get reward for each case of data usage by other platform participants and a complementary market to offer their services

-For marketing channels providers

Get reward for every successful user action in the estore and a complementary market to offer their services



Igor Solovyov - Founder

Max Solovyov - Founder

Den Chikalov - COO

Alexander Glushchenko - CTO

Serhii Myrko - Business Analyst

Roman Krutko - Data Scientist

Tonya Makarenko - Content Marketing Manager

Igor Stavytskyi - Senior Software Engineer

Stas Havryliuk - Customer Service Manager

Alex Kagan - Digital Marketing Manager

Country of origin Estonia


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)