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Universal digital identity system

31. Oct 2018 - 30. Nov 2018

TrigID is the first and only Internet-based way to show that a real-world human is who they say they are. It enforces "one person, one identity" and you can verify that real-world identity with real-world identifiers like driver's license numbers, SSN's, addresses, phone numbers... All without giving anyone those identifiers.

What's more, you can maintain a few passphrases in your head and use one or more of those to prove who you are to anyone, anywhere.

How is this possible? TrigID is a revolutionary, patent-pending "zero knowledge" validator of identity information inspired by geometric triangulation and its entire stucture is baked into public blockchain so it can't be hacked or faked.

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Stephen Young - Chief Architect & CTO

Abby Clifton - Consensus Officer

Ritu Steele - Operations Manager

Julius Garcia - UX Technical Lead

Aiden Tallo - Design/UI

Keith Omiping - Senior Java Developer.

Kirill Kazachenko - Api/Android Team Lead

Rhea Lopez - Community Manager

Vincent Bacalso - iOS Developer.

Vijay Varadharajan - Cybersecurity/Cryptography Advisor

Nathan Spataro - Electronic Voting Advisor

Steven Horder - Law Enforcement Advisor

Ian Katz - Private Medical Data Advisor

Zeming Yu - Token Programs Risk Advisor

Country of origin British Virgin Islands


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