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TTC Protocol

Decentralized and token-incentivized blockcahin protocol for the next generation social networks

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Symbol TTC
Token sale opening date

18. Apr 2018

a month ago

Token sale closing date

18. May 2018

4 days ago


TTC is a decentralized and token-incentivized social networking protocol for the next generation of social platforms. TTC provides a brand new social experience; the platform is completely decentralized. This gives participating individuals a highly rewarding and dynamic user experience. With blockchain-based cryptocurrency, TTC will also offer cryptocurrency incentives via a token also named TTC. Social network users are rewarded for generating, distributing and interacting with other users and their content. TTC returns the commercial value in the attention economy to those same users that cultivate the network. By combining TTC’s token based incentive mechanism together with the distribution of user-generated, the TTC platform itself is lead by each end user. As the number of end users grows, the platform becomes more valuable, and the commercial value of the TTC token increases



Brian Cheong - President & Founder

Chase Chang - VP & Ecosystem

Yixiao Wang - Product Director

He Zhang - Design Director

Jie Wu - Growth Director 

Peng Liu - Technical Lead

Xiangyang Wang - Technical Lead

Liang Zhang - Technical Lead

Yi Mo - Senior Product Manager

Bingqing Chen - Senior Product Manager

Shihao Guo - Senior Product Manager

Yunji Ma - Design Lead

Country of origin British Virgin Islands


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TTC Protocol의 투자사 “Nirvana Capital”을 소개합니다. · a day ago

Nirvana Capital Invests in TTC Protocol · a day ago

[Notice] TTC Main ICO has successfully ended. · 2 days ago

[공지] TTC Protocol Main ICO 성공적으로 마감 ! · 2 days ago

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We are excited to announce Nirvana Capital, a cryptofund founded by early supporters of Ethereum, joined TTC Protoc… · a day ago

I just published “[Notice] TTC Main ICO has successfully ended.” · 2 days ago

Last day to join TTC Main ICO! For those who have not participated or are planning to participate, please do not m… · 3 days ago

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We are very excited to announce Nirvana Capital, a crypto fund with strong presence both in Silicon Valley and Beijing, joined TTC Protocol as an investor. For more details, please check our blog 👉 a day ago

Dear supporters, TTC’s Main ICO has successfully ended at 20:00 (UTC +8) on May 18th, 2018 with enthusiastic support and interest from people all around the world. We thank you all for your participation. Please stay tuned for more announcements! 2 days ago

안녕하세요 팀 TTC 입니다. 차세대 소셜 플랫폼을 위한 탈중앙화된 토큰 인센티브 기반 프로토콜을 지향하는 TTC Protocol은 전세계에 분포한 지원자들의 관심과 함께 2018년 5월 18일 20:00 (UTC +8) 성공적으로 모든 ICO를 마감했습니다. 앞으로 진행될 내용에 대한 공지가 안내될 예정이오니 계속해서 저희 TTC Protocol 에 큰 관심 부탁드립니다 ^^ 2 days ago

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