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UAC UbiatarPlay

A peer-to-peer marketplace of the ubiatar service

9. May 2018 - 8. Jun 2018

Ubiatar is the only project offering a viable and a real solution to the ancient dream of mankind: having the power of ubiquity, orinstant transfer to any place. The starting point is a normal smartphone held by a local individual (the Avatar); everything that is seen and heard by the Avatar is sent over the network to the Person at home (Usar) that in turn directs the Avatar so that he/she acts as his/her remote body. The directions are given with a revolutionary GUI (Graphical User Interface) superimposed over the live video stream.



Fulvio Dominici - Founder & CTO

Francesco Raco - Founder & CFO

Maria Elena Gitto - Venture Capital, CEO

Antonio Giordano - CIO

Davide Borella - Community Manager

Maria La Grotta - Community Manager

Luca Tedesco - Blockchain Specialist

Antonio Rinaldo - Blockchain Specialist

Andrea Santu - Blockchain Specialist

Fabio Padoin - Blockchain Specialist

Elisa Nardecchia: Blockchain Specialist

Alessio Conte - Blockchain Specialist

Alice Doyle - Blockchain Specialist

Elena Smeraglia - Blockchain Specialist

Aurora Camoglio - PR Events

Country of origin Switzerland


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)