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War Field
War Field

GLDR War Field

First-person shooter game you play to win real crypto

26. Jul 2018 - 15. Nov 2018

WAR FIELD is the first online multiplayer first-person shooter game you play to win real cryptocurrency.What makes a game most exciting is not the action, the number of players, or even the realism. What makes it most exciting is when the stakes are real. WAR FIELD is the online first-person shooter game that lets you play for real cryptocurrency and win it, if you’re good! Having something real to win or lose makes all the difference in terms of intensity and adrenaline.



Andrius Mironovskis - Founder & Team Leader

Donatas Kanapickas - Chief Developer

Rimas Puriuskis - Operatins & Co-Founder

Alkas Aleksandravicius - Lead User Interface Designer

Julius Serenas - Server Guru & Wizard

Dzianis Kuchynski - CCO

Ovidijus Sudzius - Business Development

Tom Frisina - Executive Advisor

Benjamin Tershana - Marketing & Business Development Advisor

Adalberto Bruno - Technical Advisor

Dylan Sharkey - Commercial Strategy Advisor

Darius Udrys - Brand & Business Development Advisor

Quyen Nong - Marketing Advisor

Jonas Udris - Corporate & Legal Advisor

Andriy Sharanevych - Networking & Connections Advisor

Scott Shirley - Professional Player & Game Tester

Country of origin United Arab Emirates


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