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WZR Wyzerr

AI to turn feedback data into tasks and insights for the different roles within a company

1. Oct 2018 - 31. Dec 2018

Wyzerr empowers managers, or any other worker, to make key operational business decisions by using artificial intelligence to turn customer, employee, and consumer feedback data into real-time tasks and insights. There are more customers and employees in any business than there are C-level executives in a company. Wyzerr extracts knowledge from these customers and employees, and uses it to generate key insights and tasks that can directly improve overall customer experience, reduce churn, increase customer loyalty, and support research/development of new products and services. They don’t believe a small group of disconnected C-level executives making all of the decisions for a company is efficient and wise in the ever-changing fast-paced business climate of today. Instead, a large group of customers and employees can essentially do most of the hard-thinking for a company.



Natasia Malaihollo - CEO/Co-Founder

Huanqi Zhu - Co-founder/Data scientist

Nicola (Aschemeier) Young - VP/Operations

Bethany Merillat - Expertise in Research

Country of origin United States


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)