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Xaurum Gamma

Crypto smart-street construction

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Symbol XGM
Token sale opening date

1. Aug 2017

3 months ago

Token sale closing date

29. Sep 2017

2 months ago


Xaurum Gamma is a commonwealth of the first crypto smart-street. It is composed of six luxury villas on the island Krk in Croatia, a prime tourist real-estate. The goal of Xaurum projects is to preserve and increase value. The investments must therefore be long-term, relatively safe, yield the most profit and be augmentable by speculation. Real-estate is a safe investment, especially in a touristic setting. However, the time required for profitability makes it infeasible for small investors and crypto can mitigate this downside. The creation of Xaurum Gamma, a crypto-asset that represents half of the profit (and accumulates it in xaurum), creates a way for investors to benefit from speculation. It avoids its potential downside by employing scarcity (the number of Xaurum Gamma tokens is limited), guaranteeing a minimal value through its use (Xaurum Gamma tokens can be used to rent a villa at the rate 1 XGM : 100 € or higher when recapitalized) and the growth of its xaurum reserves.



Marko Milenkovic - Xaurum Gamma project leader

Gasper Kenda - Creator of Xaurum and Xaurum Gamma

Jure Ristic - Xaurum Masternode

Emil Emerson - Ambassador of the Xaurum Project

Capt. Zeljan Banovic, - Supervisor & Evaluation Manager of Xaurum Project

Country of origin Slovenia


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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