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ZLC ZelaaCoin

Centric crypto micro-payments, crypto vending machines and a physical crypto exchange

18. Feb 2018 - 15. Nov 2018

ZLC is the token abbreviation for ZelaaCoin, which stands for creating dynamic products & platforms to mainstream cryptocurrencies and acheive mass adaptability for the same. We are backed up by our prodcuts which are the Zelaa Crypto Machines & the ZPay mobile app. ZelaaPay is in direct integration with the Ethereum Blockchain and uses the smart contract APIs for handling and managing all transactions and also to maintain a ledger of the same on the application as well as on the Ethereum Blockchain Explorer. ZLC is leaping ahead by launching a mobile application which can be used by its users and token holders. With ZLC app, a user can manage all transactions performed on the platform. With a decent smartphone and internet connectivity, now everyone can avail full services of Zelaa platform. The central fundamental of the application is to keep the users updated with machine locations, live exchange rate, discounts and special services.

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Sahil Arora - Chairman & CEO

Het Patel - Senior Developer

Sambulo Senda - Web Developer

Sajal Chodha - Frontend Developer

Chris Galzerano - iOS Developer

Nikita Dotsenko - PR & Marketing Head

Anas Khan - Social Media Head

Indranil Roy - Product Designer

Maas Lalani - UI/UX Designer

Thanya Thiengtum - Blockchain Developer

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