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ZB Zerobank

Smart Contract Technologies and Sharing Economy

31. Jul 2018 - 25. Aug 2018

ZeroBank utilizes the power of Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies, along with the application of sharing economy, to create a location-based non-commercial money transfer and exchange platform. They create the ZeroBank platform to achieve two main purposes: help global customers in the money transfer and exchange market reduce costs, increase security and convenience; and bring revenue generating opportunities back from the centralized banking and money transfer systems to the community. The model fits the current stage of the world economy. And with a team compiled of high-ranking, experienced specialists in money transfer industry and in banking IT solutions, they believe their chance to bring the platform out to the market and achieve success is of the nearer than ever.



Kai Yee Goh - Co-Founder & CEO

Bao Ly - Co-founder & CTO

Ben Nguyen - Co-founder & CFO

Joel Candy - Business Development Director

Nam Cao - Communication Coordinator

Marco Tessari - Blockchain Specialist/Developer

Huong Le - Legal Counsel

Mike Phung - Financial/Investment Analyst

Dong Ngo - Financial Analyst/Product Development

Son Nguyen - UI/UX Design

Thach Ho - Blockchain Specialist/Developer

Kimberley T. - English/Chinese Community Manager

Le Dung - Technical Developer

Ha Linh - Technical Developer

Nguyen Dien - Technical Developer

Le Loc - Technical Developer

Long Doan - Technical Developer

Country of origin Singapore


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