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Decentralized P2P financial ecosystem using smart contract technology.

23. Apr 2018 - 16. May 2018

ZPER is a ‘decentralized P2P(peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem’ using smart contract technology. Top P2P lending companies and robo-advisors have coalesced to provide a revolutionary method of fund transactions between borrowers and lenders worldwide. ZPER Team members are professionals of P2P field who have been making great contributions for the development of Korea’s P2P markets from 2015 until the market reached 3 trillions. The team consists of P2P business owners, Robo-advisor developers, leading members of credit scoring businesses. Founding members and directors of Korea P2P finance association grant know-hows of the field to empower our team to lead this global P2P alliance project to success.

In recent days, ZPER has launched ‘Data Science Competition 2018’ since the mid-August 2018 for developing P2P loan-scoring solutions; over 1,000 of data scientists have applied for the competition worldwide. The competition’s host companies include three major P2P financial corporations—FUNDA, Together Funding and MOUDA, and ZIGBANG, the S. Korea’s largest real estate online marketplace.

In November 2018, the ZPER team also successfully developed a PoC test version, ZPERobo Closed Beta Test, for ZPERobo financial platform—a blockchain-based P2P portfolio investment service (expected to launch in 2019), and is going to operate on 25 this month its PoC test with over 15 corporations of major P2P financial service providers, including FUNDA, Together Funding and others, in South Korea.



JB Kim: Founder, CEO

June Min: COO & CBDO

TK Park: CMO

Huni Lee: Server Engineer & Product Manager

Chandy Baek: Full-Stack Engineer

Matthew Shin: Operation Director

Eddie Shin: Operation Strategy

Emily Yang: Financial Affairs

Cathy Choi: Brand Designer

Flora Kim: UI/UX Designer

Jeff Kim: Marketing Manager

Nellie Yim: Marketing Manager

DK Yoon: Marketing Manager

Scarlett Ma: Publisher

Sean Shin: Advisor (CEO at Dayli Financial Group)

Sudhi Herle: Advisor (CTO, Samsung Mobile)

SY Park: Advisor (Cognitive Investment Director)

Thomas Kang: Advisor (Head of Globla Outreach, M-DAQ)

Joe Kim: Advisor (Managing Director, XnTree/L39)

James Park: Advisor (Director, GoldenTree Asset Management)

K Wang: Advisor (CEO, Coinbin)

Jake Kim: Advisor (Director & Investment Manager, Innobase)

David Yang: Advisor (CEO, Quarterback Group)

SH Lee: Advisor (Director, Shinseung Accounting Corp.)

HyunSick Choi: Advisor (CEO, SOSOLAB)

Country of origin Singapore


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