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GCC GameChain

Scalable chain built specifically for the needs of the gaming community

18. Oct 2018 - 30. Oct 2018

GameChain is a gaming platform based on some of the latest and most scalable blockchain technology, which will be ran by the people and for the people. Developers, producers, players, promoters and reviewers can all interact in a fully fledged ecosystem, with powerful tools and attractive incentives available to all participants. Developers can design, create, run crowdsale funding and establish digital property rights for their games using the GameChain toolkit. Users can test, play and review games, exchange games and in-game items across the platform, socialize, build reputation and get rewarded for their efforts. All of this is done directly on the GameChain. To achieve all this, GameChain uses a decentralized EOS-based blockchain customized specifically to the needs of the gaming community. It incorporates important new developments in the space including smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability and atomic swaps. State-of-the-art on-chain developer tools for building games are also available.



Oliver Wu - CEO

Dong Hao - Co-founder CTO

Mao Jie - Co-founder COO

Frank Liu - System Architect

Xin Xiaoqi - Operations Director

Zheng Xuwen - Blockchain Development Director

Shi Kaikai - Product Director

Country of origin Isle of Man


Blockchain Fork of Eos (What is blockchain?)