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UMT Bubbletone

Blockchain in Telecom

20. Mar 2018 - 15. Jun 2018

They directly connect mobile network operators and end users globally on our blockchain-based marketplace. With BubbleTone Blockchain, travelers can swiftly become legitimate local customers of any foreign operator in the country they are traveling to. They don’t need to replace their SIM card, and they retain their home number. Any mobile carrier can publish prepaid plans as smart contracts on BubbleTone Blockchain. These offers are visible to all other operators and their subscribers. When subscriber selects offer, a new smart contract is created with the subscriber's digital identity and payment transaction directly to foreign operator.



Yury Morozov - CEO & Founder

Oleg Pravdin - CTO

Irina Chertok - Co-founder & Major Chief Board Director

Sergei Ivanov - CEO of "Allo Incognito"

Sergey Malcev - Lead Blockchain Software Engineer

Sergey Baloyan - CMO & Head of Ir

Fedor Rozhnov - CBDO

Kirill Maskaev - CCO & Head of Pr

Maria Voronova - Project Manager

Stepan Gershuni - Blockchain expert & Co-Founder

Sergey Sevantsyan - Blockchain expert & Public Speaker

Michael Nazarenko - Lead Security & Fault Tolerance Developer

Sergey Prilutskiy - Security Expert & Blockchain Architecture Development

Sergey Lepenkov - Development of Payment Services/High-load Applications in the Telecommunication field

Oleg Vintovkin - Development of IT Project Yandex Telephony/Development Bss/Oss for mobile carriers

Yury Vasilchikov - Blockchain Consultant/Smart contracts developer  

Alexander Artemiev - Messenger architecture development/Integration with mobile carriers

Jackov Mayurov - Messenger project manager  

Ajmat Iqbal - Messenger software development leader

Mir Monsoor Hossain - Senior software developer

Momi Monjil Ara - Senior software developer

Khandaker Raihan Hossain - Senior software developer

Md. Shafiqul Islam - Front-end software developer  

Md Maniruzzaman - Back-end software developer

Alexey Makeev - Smart contracts software engineer

Varun Reddy - Community Relations

Mariana Bugaeva - Head of design group

Country of origin Ireland


Blockchain Graphene (What is blockchain?)