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Crowdsale opening date

1. May 2017

2 months ago

Crowdsale closing date

31. May 2017

2 months ago


Adel is a global cryptocurrency community that is self-regulated, self-sustained, and offers its own economic ecosystem as a community-powered startup incubator with the Adelphoi token.

Articles and research

Adel Token Sale (ICO): developing a community based funding platform - Smith + Crown


Adel Fintech Incubator Unveils Crowdfund Using Nxt's Blockchain




Michal Vavrek - Founder

Gabriel Dusil - Co-founder

Jan Lamser - Co-founder

Travin Keith - Marketing Manager

Fernando Davila - Brand Manager

John McLeod - Public Relations

Adam Sekeres - Forum Manager

Rubén Bueno - Community Development

Kelvin Lee Wilhelm - Community Development

Dr. Jiří Bartoš - Head of IT Security

Ervin Suhanko - Head of Front-end Development

Martin Djonov - Back-end developer

Denko Mancheski - Front-end Developer

Daniel Backman - Head of Back-end Development

Henk Toorman - Head of Financial Services

Tomáš Elbert - Legal Counsel

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Celebrating our members-only mastermind. Bringing a global community of #blockchain innovators together. #FinTech… · 21 hours ago

Being the world's 1st #AML #KYC #CTF compliant #ICO continues to create press for #AdelEcosystem #FinTechNews… · 21 hours ago

Reminder: Members-only Live Mastermind July 26. Get member status for 64 000 $ADL. Trade $Nxt or $BTC on #NxtAE or… · 21 hours ago

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Today we celebrate the milestone of our first live members only mastermind. We said we would bring a community of blockchain innovators together from around the world. And we did. Be part of our next live mastermind, July 26. at 18:00 GMT by acquiring at least 64 000 ADL before Wednesday. Membership ▲ Benefits Submit your blockchain ideas for incubation Vote on which blockchain ideas to incubate Become a project innovator First access to employment opportunities Join a team of experts to implement your innovative ideas Mastermind with pros in business, blockchain and crypto, in our private slack channel and member's only live calls. Exclusive access to mastermind recordings Participate in Adel Phase 2, ADS tokens, that will activate incubated projects. a day ago

Seeing Red? ▲ This Week in Crypto It has been a rough week for the crypto community. Startup ICOs converting to fiat to cover operating costs and cashing out. Corrupt ICOs and hacks stealing and damaging the reputation of blockchain. Besides huge losses and big gains, the other big topic of conversation is regulatory compliance. Specifically how the “lack” of compliance is contributing to the proliferation of these issues. ADEL is leading the world in this area and appeared twice in the press this past week. Article links are posted in comments below in case you missed them. The #ADLCoin value has also been affected and we know that commitment to our vision is the best way to weather these tumultuous times. The trading markets will always have ups and downs. Visions stabilize and succeed when supported by an authentic community. We appreciate you being part of our community. #AdelEcosystem #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #News 5 days ago

Regulatory compliance is becoming a hot topic in crypto and there is speculation that coins without a compliance framework may be shut down. ADEL founders had the foresight to see this obstacle and turn compliance into an opportunity by forging a strong relationship with the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man (IoM) is a pioneer in digital innovation, boasting a number of successes in e-Gaming, digital currencies and now Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Adel’s ICO raised over 1m Euros to launch its “Incubator for Blockchain Innovation”: Press announcement with the IoM government: #FinTech #News #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #ADLCoin 7 days ago

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