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Status Name Symbol Description Blockchain
 ICO over Chynge XCLP Global Payment Token with No FX Risk Stellar
 ICO over Connecty CTY A unique entry point to transform knowledge into innovation Stellar
 ICO over HoToken HTKN Enabling the first gamified online-to-offline economy Stellar
 ICO over Kinesis KVT Evolution of gold standard Stellar
 ICO over LendLedger TM-LOAN The first open network to solve trillion-dollar credit gaps Stellar
 ICO over London Football Exchange LFE Football stock exchange and fan marketplace Stellar
 ICO over Moveco MOV Mobility Ecosystem Stellar
 ICO over NextPakk PAKKA Blockchain for Convenient Delivery Stellar
 ICO over Pinnacle Brilliance Systems BRIL All-in-One Automated Multiplex Trading Platform Stellar
 ICO over Poseidon OCEAN Optimizing impact Stellar
 ICO over REM Loyalty TM-REM Blockchain-based ecosystem for loyalty rewards programs Stellar
 ICO over SID Token SIDT Share Internet Data Stellar
 Trading Stellar XML Connecting banks, payments systems and people Stellar
 ICO over SureRemit RMT An Ecosystem for Global Non-cash Remittances Stellar
 ICO over Ternio TERN Blockchain to revolutionize digital advertising Stellar
 ICO over Tontine Trust TON A Prosperous Retirement Secured by the Blockchain Stellar
 ICO over WeBuy WBY On-Demand Blockchain Era Commerce Platform Stellar
 ICO over Wellmee WLME Rewarding People for Their Wellbeing Stellar
 ICO over Woolf WOOLF Building a blockchain-powered university Stellar
 ICO over Zed ZED Global platform for Money Transfer Operators Stellar