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PAKKA NextPakk

Blockchain for Convenient Delivery

29. Mar 2018 - 30. Jul 2018

In response to the increasing demand on the logistics industry (particularly in the last mile), our blockchain platform, Pakka, offers an integrated marketplace built on a decentralized sharing economy – one in which users, local businesses, and shipping retailers share both the rewards and the responsibilities. Blockchain and a sharing economy, were combined to create NextPakk and the Pakka cryptocurrency. Together, they create a minimal-infrastructure ecosystem designed to eradicate missed deliveries and stolen packages through transforming last-mile logistics. The Pakka blockchain is built on the Stellar fork, providing scalability and higher throughputs than other, competing, major platforms, while the Pakka token serves as digital currency with which anyone can obtain delivery services. Enabling even the most inexperienced users to leverage their own assets (personal vehicle, extra space, or spare time), in addition to exchanging Pakka tokens for other forms of crypto-currencies, Pakka is accepted as a form of payment for receipt of packages. Additionally, it provides escrow coverage as collateral for last-mile deliveries in a trustless system while effectively and securely tracking packages and their chain of custody.



Lowell Fortune - CEO

Sergey Tolkachev - Chief Algorithms Officer

Dileep Kamujula - Technical Advisor

P.B. Stanton - Chief Legal Officer

Chad Kielty - Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Donelon - Chief Marketing Officer

Deb Olson - Corporate Communication Officer

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