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SID Token
SID Token


Share Internet Data

15. Sep 2018 - 31. Dec 2018

SID will offer Smartphone Users the possibility to access crowd-sourced internet shared by other Users of our “SHARE INTERNET DATA” ecosystem when they have no coverage or no data credit or simply no Internet access at a given location but they are nearby other SID smartphones who do have Internet access. This is achieved by using our innovative crowd sourced Internet in a peer-to-peer or peer-to-multi-peer structure overseen by a patent pending proprietary technology. The trading of tokens for megabytes of shared Internet will be done in an automated way through contracts secured by a blockchain. Such trades will create a liquid token (virtual voucher) market that could possibly trigger the unleashing of a vast amount of people coming out of poverty simply by the fact that they would have finally a means to access the Internet.

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José Merino - Chairman

Lajos Kiss - Chief Operating Officer

Jesús Ruiz - Lead Developer - CEO Spain

Daniel Urbano - CTO

Michael Camilleri - Regional Expansion Canada & US

Alberto Avilés - Android Lead Engineer

Jesús León - iOS Lead Engineer

Mihaela Dimitrova - Designer & Marketing Ninja

Marcin Zduniak - Blockchain Developer

Susan Howard - Expenses Controller

Ibrahim Halkano - Strategist Blockchain Micropayments

Corey Wilton - Community Manager

Erick Pardio - Mexico Growth Manager

Gaurav Areng - Marketing Associate

Paul Mears - New Business Manager

Country of origin Gibraltar


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