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Tontine Trust
Tontine Trust

TON Tontine Trust

A Prosperous Retirement Secured by the Blockchain

1. Sep 2018 - 31. Dec 2018

The TontineTrust solution is a blockchain based version of a tontine which is the most popular financial product in the history of the world and will be offered globally as an immutable alternative to unpredictable governmental & corporate pensions as well as overly expensive insurance based products such as life annuities. This means that low cost Tontine Pensions on the blockchain can offer BETTER retirement incomes to consumers in stable countries and can offer BETTER AND SAFER retirement income solutions to consumers in less stable countries. The patent-pending Artificial Intelligence “Robo-Actuary” powered Platform will manage the investment of members capital in conservative low-cost passive investment strategies fully backed by major global index funds as well as physical gold held at the Royal Mint in Britain. Tontine Trust has a heavyweight team & advisory board which are motivated to ensure that 100% of the platform economics are derived through the TON Tokens which only reach their maximum available supply when TontineTrust reaches $1 TRILLION in Assets Under Management. Tontine Members and TON Holders are eligible to receive receive a TON Card debit card which is expected to be accepted at over 40 million merchants and ATMs worldwide. The coming pension crisis will be far harder on consumers than even the 2008 crisis which will drive hundreds of millions of savers per year to alternative solutions which could result in TontineTrust becoming the “Vanguard” of the retirement funding industry within a decade.



Dean McClelland - Founder & CEO

Alberto Furger - CFO & Head of Risk Management

Brian Bossler - COO

Richard K. Fullmer - CIO

Dr. Michael J Neish - Quant / Programmer

Marcin Zduniak - Lead Developer Blockchain, Fintech

Nedda Kaltcheva - Technical Architect

Max Haran Doyle - Digital Strategy & Project Managerz

Karen Asano - Airdrop and Communities

Jon Matonis - Advisor

Michael Edelson - Advisor

Gary S Mettler - Advisor

Jörg Platzer - Advisor

Marcus Fuchs - Advisor

Eamon Bermingham - Advisor

Country of origin British Virgin Islands


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