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Tontine Trust

A Prosperous Retirement Secured by the Blockchain

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Symbol TON
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4. Jun 2018

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22. Jun 2018

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The TontineTrust solution is a blockchain based version of a tontine which is the most popular financial product in the history of the world and will be offered globally as an immutable alternative to unpredictable governmental & corporate pensions as well as overly expensive insurance based products such as life annuities. This means that low cost Tontine Pensions on the blockchain can offer BETTER retirement incomes to consumers in stable countries and can offer BETTER AND SAFER retirement income solutions to consumers in less stable countries. The patent-pending Artificial Intelligence “Robo-Actuary” powered Platform will manage the investment of members capital in conservative low-cost passive investment strategies fully backed by major global index funds as well as physical gold held at the Royal Mint in Britain. Tontine Trust has a heavyweight team & advisory board which are motivated to ensure that 100% of the platform economics are derived through the TON Tokens which only reach their maximum available supply when TontineTrust reaches $1 TRILLION in Assets Under Management. Tontine Members and TON Holders are eligible to receive receive a TON Card debit card which is expected to be accepted at over 40 million merchants and ATMs worldwide. The coming pension crisis will be far harder on consumers than even the 2008 crisis which will drive hundreds of millions of savers per year to alternative solutions which could result in TontineTrust becoming the “Vanguard” of the retirement funding industry within a decade.

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Presenting A New Retirement Solution: Financial Advisors' Daily Digest -


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Dean McClelland - Founder & CEO

Alberto Furger - CFO & Head of Risk Management

Brian Bossler - COO

Richard K. Fullmer - CIO

Dr. Michael J Neish - Quant / Programmer

Marcin Zduniak - Lead Developer Blockchain, Fintech

Nedda Kaltcheva - Technical Architect

Max Haran Doyle - Digital Strategy & Project Managerz

Karen Asano - Airdrop and Communities

Jon Matonis - Advisor

Michael Edelson - Advisor

Gary S Mettler - Advisor

Jörg Platzer - Advisor

Marcus Fuchs - Advisor

Eamon Bermingham - Advisor

Country of origin Gibraltar


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What on Earth is the “Silver Tsunami?” The importance of fairly sharing retirement risk You work your whole life, dutifully paying taxes on the understanding that when your time comes to retire there will be a nice sum tucked away for you to live out your days in comfort (if not luxury) and security…. I doubt anyone would begrudge our parents and grandparents the kind of retirement we so optimistically plan for ourselves but with a continuously growing number reaching retirement age each year (it is forecast by the UN there will be an additional 400 million 60-year-olds by the end of this decade) it is becoming clear to all that governments and pension providers will not be able to meet their financial obligations. This “Silver Tsunami” of retirees will overwhelm the existing system and the end result will not be pleasant. So who will be left to plug this gap? The uncomfortable truth is that the burden falls on us, the families. The families who are already bearing a burden of our own generation — of higher education debt, of being priced out of local housing markets, of not even being able to access the types of pensions that we are now subsiding for previous generations…. Longevity risk needs to be shared but this current status quo spreads the retirement risk down generations, with older generations being insured by younger ones. Naturally, we do this for our parents out of duty and love but at a country-level it is a crushing burden. Governments rely upon economic growth in order to offset the growing pension deficit (caused mainly by decreasing numbers of young people joining the workforce) but the brutal truth is the younger generations are now already so squeezed that they feel unable to afford to have the very children needed to feed this cycle. It is clearly unsustainable and moreover damaging to families, economies and countries as a whole. Yet, in the absence of a government led solution, how are these two generations, these retirees and their working families to come together in order to find a better solution for all parties? At TontineTrust, instead of this traditional cascade of risk to younger generations, we advocate the balancing of risk within a single generation. We want to make each generation self-sufficient and allow younger generations to focus on the other pressing challenges they are already facing. We propose the introduction of Tontine Pensions as an alternative to existing products as they inherently enable this sharing of risk within a single generation. In essence, a Tontine is an investment collective where members pool their contributions. A Tontine therefore is always fully funded, breaking the traditional dependance on a constant inflow of new joiners in order to ensure the ability to cover payments for existing retirees. Tontines also naturally manage the issue of longevity risk through the use of mortality credits, a somewhat macabre name for the re-apportionment of a deceased member’s contribution throughout the surviving Tontine pool members. Whilst not an attractive aspect to linger on, this re-apportionment is what enables a Tontine to provide payments until the very end of life for all members. This always fully funded nature, coupled with the pooling of longevity risk means that with careful piloting, even when cautiously invested, a tontine can provide a life-long income stream. At TontineTrust we are taking this concept one step further and we are designing and building an integrated platform which incorporates our patent-pending Smart Actuary. Our platform and the Smart Actuary will enable us to manage the Tontines in such a way as to optimize payments to members throughout their lifetime and not just as larger amounts towards the end. The platform also will also display clearly to Tontine members its payment projections, which will be constantly updated to reflect any minor stabilizing adjustments made by the Smart Actuary based on changes in market performance or in the Tontine membership. We believe our platform will enable Tontine members, and their families to have the security and ability to budget knowing what their projected monthly payments from the Tontine will be and that can only be a good thing for everyone. 7 days ago

Thank you @DanaisKnight and @SingularDTV for taking the time to listen to us at #Cryptocurrencyworldexpo in Berlin and spreading the word! 9 days ago

TontineTrust Blog Post of the Week Long Term Stability in the Gig Economy (Part 1 — The Challenge) I hate long silences in the car so, while I was on the road this past month, I did an informal study in every Uber/Lyft/taxi I took. Here were the two questions I posed to the drivers: How many hours do you work a week, across how many jobs? How are you preparing for retirement? I didn’t meet a single driver who was working less than 60 hours a week and working at least two jobs. They worked hard, plain and simple. The retirement question drove an interesting discussion. The answers varied by country but the top answers were (paraphrased): I don’t have enough money for my immediate needs, can’t even think about retiring. I put a little in my savings account when I can but that’s for (short term savings goal) I’m counting on social security (government pension for citizens) I’m going to work til I’m dead. Well, I had bought some BTC in December 2017 but… Nobody said they had a structured plan for retirement. Two drivers did not have a bank account, let alone a traditional retirement savings account. We’ve written about the looming pensions crisis but there are special challenges facing the gig economy — people who make a living driving for Uber, freelancing on Upwork, working for themselves. Also known as the “informal economy”, the number of gig workers has grown dramatically over the past decade globally and continues to race ahead. In the US, it’s estimated at 34% of the workforce and growing to 43% by 2020, a trend that bears out globally. There can be many benefits by earning a gig-based living but these workers commonly don’t have the benefits of: Employer-based retirement programs (whether savings plans or pensions) Full participation in government-based pensions (avoiding taxes also avoids earning benefits) Regular paychecks, which are a core behavioral requirement for regular retirement savings I’ve recently worked with an NGO that is focused on, among many topics, the challenges of predictable retirement income in Latin America. Their analysis on the root causes of failures and successes in encouraging healthy retirements in LatAm is powerful examination of demographics, behavioral economics and potential solutions. Let’s take Mexico as an example. When asked about how long they expect to live, Mexicans regularly underestimated by roughly two years. For an individual, this may or may not be a problem. For a large population, a two year gap is massive. Consider the impact of this perception gap. If you’re not going to be retired for long, there’s less of a need to save for retirement. That bears out in the retirement savings rates for the country: The informal economy exacerbates the issue. Non-salaried workers in many of the region’s countries are not plugged into the social security system — often because of the design of the social protection system itself. These workers fall into a gap where: As an individual, they assign a low value to social security and aren’t forced to participate and As an (self)employer, they have direct incentives to evade formality, which requires payment of taxes Traditional approaches ask what governments can do to solve the problem. Yet market forces created the informal economy; while public policy can be crafted to drive the creation of more formal jobs and stimulate employer and employee contributions, the gig economy is here to stay. So the real question is: “How can market forces be harnessed to solve the problem?” Let’s look at the objectives we want to achieve: Positively affect national savings Fiscally sustainable for the governments Encourage worker contributions regardless of whether income is earned in the formal or informal economies Adapt as demographics and markets change over time Next week: The Gig Solution SPECIAL NOTE: Thank you to the Inter-American Development Bank for their extensive research. I highly recommend their eBook “Better Pensions, Better Jobs: Towards Universal Coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean” — See more at: About Tontine Trust Incorporated in Gibraltar, Tontine Trust Ltd. will be structured as a not-for-profit developer of peer-to-peer retirement savings schemes which can issue internationally regulated low cost retirement savings products including: ● Gold-Standard Tontine Pensions fully backed by RMGs, the new digital assets of The Royal Mint representing ownership of physical gold in the Royal Mint Vaults. ● ETF Tontine Pensions backed by globally diversified portfolios of the largest & most established exchange traded funds. In addition to being secured on a decentralised platform, our patent pending Robo-Actuary ensures that Pensions are ALWAYS fully funded whilst Tontine members “earn a type of guaranteed “alpha” not available in any other asset class” through longevity risk sharing. 10 days ago

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