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TokenMarket is the first securities and utility token exchange where you can have exclusive owner benefits.

The ownership of tokenised company shares gives you benefits like no trading fees, early access to exciting deals and high quality market reports.

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TokenMarket Exchange is decentralised and based on secure smart contract technology. Your assets are never held in a centralised wallet or on an account controlled by someone else.

We use a hybrid exchange model, where we match orders and your trade it settled transparently on a blockchain. There cannot be fake volumes or unjust trades.

Traditional securities on blockchain

We are in process of opening listings for tokenised securities like company shares. TokenMarket Exchange will be one of the first 24/7 securities exchanges in the world running on a blockchain technology.

Our first listings focus on SME equities in high tech sectors like fintech, online gaming and software businesses.

Commited to high quality assets and compliance

Utility token markets

You can trade utility tokens with ether (ETH) and US dollar (Gemini USD, GUSD) pairs.

Utility token markets are operated by TokenMarket Ltd. (Malta) under VFA licensing regime.

All utility token accounts have low trade limits while the exchange is in the beta mode.

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Securities markets

TokenMarket securities market will focus on SME high tech companies equity. We intend to list tokenised equity crowdfunding projects from our own pipeline as well as tokenised equity issued on third party platforms.

Our goal is to have the markets open for professional and non-professional investors on equal terms.

Securities will be traded with USD and EUR trading pairs.

Currently securities markets have only non-functional demo items and actual securities trading cannot be performed.

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Looking to do a security token issuance? Tokenised equity fundraise is an excellent way to reach global investor base and raise capital in alternative way.

Raise capital and funding

Venture funds and accelerators

Your investments do not need to wait eight years for an exit. Tokenisation technology and regulation modernisation are changing the early capital markets.

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Token vendors

TokenMarket is actively looking partners in token standardisation efforts, new blockchains and stable coins. We want to see how we can integrate your product and tokens with our exchange.

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