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Why non-custodial exchanges are the future of trading?

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TokenMarket's security and digital asset exchange gives you full control over your assets.

Our exchange lets you hold a company's shares direct or in a nominee structure and trade with reduced fees.

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We eliminate the need for centralised wallets which are susceptible to hacking.

Our hybrid exchange matches orders and verifies users, with trades made directly from wallet to wallet. Transactions are written directly to the block chain ensuring a fair trading environment.

Securities are Coming!

TokenMarket is working hard with regulators in Malta and Dubai to bring traditional securities to the blockchain. With only 3,000 publically listed companies in Europe, we want to make an IPO more achievalbe by reducing costs and intermediary fees.

Our first target sectors will include high growth sectors such as Fintech, AI, Gaming and Software solutions.

Commited to high quality assets and compliance

Utility token markets

You can trade utility tokens with ether (ETH) and US dollar (Gemini USD, GUSD) pairs.

The Utility token market is operated by TokenMarket Ltd. (Malta) under the VFA licensing regime.

All utility token accounts have low trade limits while the exchange is in beta mode.

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Security markets and Private exchange(coming soon)

Our security tokens Markets are on their way. However you can try our Beta version now!

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Looking to do a security token issuance? Tokenised equity fundraise is an excellent way to reach global investor base and raise capital in alternative way.

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Venture funds and accelerators

Your investments do not need to wait eight years for an exit. Tokenisation technology and regulation modernisation are changing the early capital markets.

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Token vendors

TokenMarket is actively looking partners in token standardisation efforts, new blockchains and stable coins. We want to see how we can integrate your product and tokens with our exchange.

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