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Rigoblock Successfully Distributes First Round of its GRG Token Airdrop
5 days ago
Civic: Life After the Token Sale
6 days ago
Rigoblock Launches Token Sale Referral Program
13 days ago

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The Biggest Misconception in Blockchain - An Article by Tom Anderson
a month ago

A recent blog post by CEO and Founder of the world’s fastest blockchain, Devvio, Tom Anderson discusses the ideas of some of the biggest misconceptions in blockchain.

RigoBlock Announces Airdrop for All Whitelisted Participants for December 2018
a month ago

RigoBlock, the decentralized asset management protocol, has announced that it will be holding an ongoing airdrop of the Rigo (GRG) Token to coincide with its upcoming public token sale.

RigoBlock Announces Token Sale to Provide Decentralized Asset Management For All
2 months ago

The blockchain based asset management protocol has opened its whitelist; a way for users to show their interest in contributing to the project and to expedite the token sale process.

Reality Clash: Life After the ICO
2 months ago

We sat down with Reality Clash Co-Founder and serial video game entrepreneur, Tony Pearce to look back at the project almost one year after their successful ICO.

Devvio Inc. Opens Exclusive Blockchain-as-a-Service Access to New TestNet
2 months ago

Devvio Inc, a software company with the most scalable and frictionless blockchain in the world, has opened its early access program to its new alpha release TestNet.

Peer Mountain to Postpone Token Generation Event
3 months ago

Peer Mountain, the cross-chain identity trust platform, has today announced that it will be postponing their token generation event due to current market conditions.

Peer Mountain and BRD Partnership Offers Direct Access to 1.4 million BRD Wallet Users
3 months ago

Peer Mountain, the self-sovereign identity and contracting protocol, has announced its partnership with BRD for a sale of Peer Mountain Token (PMTN) via the BRD platform to its 1.4 million mobile users commencing October 2nd 2018.

The TokenMarket Breakdown: Devvio
3 months ago

This is the TokenMarket Breakdown Series. We’ll be deconstructing upcoming ICO projects to explain the technology, origins and uses cases of blockchain in the real world. In the first of our project breakdowns, we look at Devvio; an Albuquerque based team who have created the world’s most scalable blockchain.

The Cross Chain Trust Platform, Peer Mountain Opens Whitelist
3 months ago

Peer Mountain, the self-sovereign identity platform designed to make peer-to-peer transactions simpler, announces it has opened its whitelist for user to be pre-approved for the upcoming PMTN token sale, due to high public interest of the project.

Devvio Appoints Top US Tech VC Ray Quintana as Its Global President
3 months ago

Devvio has named Ray Quintana as its new company Global President to support Devvio’s ambition to make blockchain technology easy and accessible to everyone. Ray joins Devvio from Cottonwood Capital Partners.

Fetch.AI Announces ICO and Opens Whitelisting
4 months ago

The team of Fetch.AI, Machine Learning and blockchain developers today announce their intention to hold an ICO during the second half of 2018 and opens the whitelisting process for the ICO.

Peer Mountain Joins Google Founded LOT Network
4 months ago

Peer Mountain joins the LOT Network as its 259th member. The License On Transfer (LOT) Network is a non-profit community of companies providing the protection from patent assertion entities (PAE’s), commonly known as patent trolls.