04 Dec
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The First ICO Serving 200 Million Users to Create a Trusted Economy Without Intermediaries Announces Token Sale Dates

Lawrence Hing Fat Chiu

AppCoins, Aptoide

December 4 2017 - AppCoins the open and distributed protocol for App Stores announce its token sale date for December 13, 2017 at 1700 UTC and scheduled to end January 18, 2017, unsold tokens — if any — will be burned, in order to preserve the value of the token.

Supported by App Store giants Aptoide, AppCoins aims to provide transparency, equitably and community focus to the app store for developers and end-users. By marrying blockchain technology with app store technology, app advertising, in-app billing and app-approval can be drastically improved and sped up through disintermediation and redistributing the unlocked value to end-users and developers. “AppCoin” ERC20 token will be used by the developers to advertise their Apps to the users. From every advertising investment inside the app store, 85% goes to the user. The user has to use those coins to buy items (in-app purchase) inside the apps and games, generating the return of the investment to the developers.

AppCoins, Toke Details

AppCoins ICO Tokens

Sale supply: 160,000,000 tokens

Nominal price: 1 APPC = 0.0003339 ETH

Soft cap: $2.5M USD

Hard cap: 60,120 ETH / $15.3M

Token format: ERC-20 Standard

After surpassing the pre-sale goals and successfully raising $1.8 million dollars with whitelisted and eligible contributors from all around the world, AppCoins opens its public token sale to allow all participants to purchase APPC tokens.

We are tremendously grateful to our community and early supporters for being so vocal in their excitement about our project. The AppCoins main sale ICO will open on December 13th and close on January 15th. - AppCoins Team


During the public token, the whitelisting process will not be necessary, participants will only need to provide KYC details. During the token contribution process, the AppCoins team will be available to discuss token sale details and token participation assistance, join the official Telegram group for live updates and chat support.

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