20 Dec
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Cashaa Successfully Sell $18.5 Million Worth of CAS Tokens In Collaboration with TokenMarket

Lawrence Hing Fat Chiu


The strategic partnership resulted in an extremely successful crowd sale, with over 311 million CAS tokens sold to supporters.

December 20, 2017 - Leading token sale advisory firm TokenMarket has supported Cashaa, a prominent blockchain payments and banking platform, to sell $18.5 million worth of CAS Tokens in a successful crowd sale. The sale will allow Cashaa to expand effectively into the multi-billion-dollar global foreign exchange and money transfer market, meeting almost all of the objectives on their roadmap.


‘Banking for the next billion’

Cashaa’s mission is to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to millions of mainstream users with a platform that is both easy to use and legally compliant. The money transfer and exchange sector is ridden with inefficiencies and unnecessary costs, and cryptocurrency can be used to improve outcomes significantly.

Cashaa connects senders and recipients of currencies in different countries with a blockchain layer. This allows ordinary users to send money from one currency to another without ever having to engage directly with the blockchain. This results in a fast, effective, secure transfer network for fiat, as well as for the crypto markets.

Cashaa has been building a powerful wallet with a wide range of digital financial services, allowing users to deposit, spend, lend, borrow and transfer money anywhere in the world, and to any bank card. The success of their crowd sale will allow the acceleration of this process, and for the company to access new markets and opportunities.


Full-service token sale partners

Over the course of the last year, TokenMarket have established themselves as the foremost token sale partner in the crypto space. Based in Gibraltar but with offices in the UK and a dispersed team around the world, the company offer a full advisory service to blockchain businesses, from the tech required to collect funds securely through to market research, strategy and execution, as well as token generation and distribution.

Since its launch, TokenMarket has helped blockchain businesses collect more than $200 million in Bitcoin and Ether. Success stories have included Civic, Storj, and Monaco. The combined market cap of all the projects that TokenMarket has helped launch currently stands at over $3 billion.

For more information about Cashaa and TokenMarket, visit https://cashaa.com and https://tokenmarket.net.