17 Oct
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DOVU Token Sale Ends Today 17:00 UTC!

Lawrence Hing Fat Chiu


October 17 2017 - Blockchain powered mobility DOVU, are scheduled to close their DOV token sale today at 17:00 UTC. DOVU are a blockchain based data sharing startup that aims to shape the mobility ecosystem to reward users for contributing, developing or managing mobility related decentralised applications (dApps).

DOV tokens are the fuel for the first blockchain mobility ecosystem backed by InMotion Ventures powered by Jaguar Land Rover. The DOV token is central to their ecosystem. It is the unit of value that allows DOVU to create a new circular economy linking consumers to data providers (and vice versa) and also rewarding those sharing data.


ICONow: Interview with the DOVU Team

Why does the world need DOV tokens?

Applications for the DOVU protocol and DOV token are build around data sharing, including use cases such as electric vehicle sharing, insurance, mobility as a service and even autonomous fleets who pay for themselves.

What is your revenue model?

Blockchain provides an opportunity to rethink business models. DOVU’s business model is based on token economics and the ultimate goal is to grow the value of the DOV token, thus the business model and the ecosystem it facilitates are primarily based on facilitating token distribution.

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DOVU is currently in their public tokensale, which is scheduled to end Today at 17:00UTC!.

For more information or to participate in the presale, visit their website.

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