10 Nov
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India’s Largest Blockchain Network Auxledger to Back Cashaa For its India Operations

Lawrence Hing Fat Chiu


The extensive blockchain infrastructure already powers over 53 Million users

Auxledger, an enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure currently powers over a dozen applications across different state governments of India is partnering with Cashaa to support All India operations.

One of the world’s largest blockchain networks

Auxledger enables organisations to quickly deploy a blockchain network and build their business logic on top of it. It aims to revolutionise a series of public and private sector use cases in India, including Identity Management, Remittance, Asset management, Supply Chain, Wearables in Defence, HealthTech, Education and Finance. Aside its live applications, a number of proof-of-concept programmes have been run over Auxledger by EY, VISA, IIT Bombay and PwC for a range of different use cases.

Auxledger has the support from the State Governments of India and has enormous reach and potential, partnering with Cashaa offers an attractive boost in network effect and value for both platforms.

Auxledger is one of the offerings of Auxesis Group, a global leader in blockchain enterprise solutions who is ranked among the Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies. Auxesis Group was founded at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Bombay, India's leading University, with which Auxesis partnered since to open India's first Blockchain Lab.

“We are excited to support Cashaa in India by providing AuxLedger infrastructure. Together with the state Govt of India AuxLedger first implementation holds more than 53 Million Indians till date” Akash Gaurav, CEO Auxesis Group

According to Cashaa Co founder Janina Lowisz “Auxledger’s live use cases include some of the largest in the blockchain sphere and impacts lives of millions. For Cashaa, Auxledger is the ideal technology for identity management, compliance and banking integration as it is meeting the specifications of BFSI and governments. Our revolutionary technology empowers millions of Indians living abroad who send more than 80 Billion USD every year to India, and more than that, it helps connect the Western population to the advantages of the world's fastest growing economy with 1.3 Billion people.”

Cashaa: Global Banking Platform

Cashaa is currently holding a token sale in order to scale out its platform to reach those unable to access existing banking services and to offer a wider range of financial products to its existing customers across the globe.

CoMakery partnership

In addition to the partnership with Auxledger, Cashaa has announced a separate partnership with CoMakery, a US tech innovation business whose main project, also named CoMakery, includes a suite of tools for finding contributors, awarding token bounties and tracking contributions. Cashaa will use CoMakery to reward developers, entrepreneurs, strategists and community members who want to leverage the Cashaa network, with 5 % of CAS tokens allocated to a dedicated Community Development and Entrepreneur Initiatives Fund.

Token sale

Cashaa’s token sale is currently live. The project aims to sell up to 510 million CAS tokens out of a total of 1 billion CAS, with a hard cap of $32 million, having raised $2.95 million in its presale, therefore having reached its minimum goal of $2.5 million. At the time of writing, more than 100 million tokens have been sold. The standard token price is $0.10, with bonuses available for early supporters. The public crowd sale began on 6 November and ends on 5 December.

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