14 Nov
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The Facts about Globitex from Managing Director Liza Aizupiete

Freya Stevens

Who are the creators of the Globitex exchange?

Our team members are Jon Matonis, Liza Aizupiete, Arvis Ermins, Maris Kaneps, Andris Kaneps, Uldis Teraudkalns, Viesturs Tamuzs and many others on the development and support.

What is the engine that powers Globitex?

The team have a deep know-how on how an exchange should work. We have experience as traders in commodity, spot and derivatives markets and a firm commitment to better the overall Bitcoin trading industry and Bitcoin based crypto currencies.

Why is there a need for a Bitcoin exchange with a focus on Institutions and professional traders?

No one else is running an institutional Bitcoin exchange so we saw a gap in the market for Globitex. We have made the product we would want to use and that meets our demands for a quality market access for institutions, trading firms and alike.

How long has the platform been running in Beta?

We have been operational since May 2017. The platform is fully functioning but in limited BETA which simply means that trades are limited in volume. If you need to buy or sell moderate amounts of Bitcoin, and now Bitcoin Cash, you can do it on Globitex BETA and enjoy zero commission fees. While we are in BETA, we accept up to EUR 100,000 deposits per month.

Are there plans to launch other coins on the exchange?

Yes. Going forward we intend to add other crypto currencies as demanded by the community, starting with most common ones for example Ethereum, Litecoin, and of course our own issued EIP-20 token GBX, which will serve as a commission payment token on our platform when we are fully launched.

When do yo expected Globitex to go live?

We expect to lift all server-level door locks at the beginning of the year 2018 at the latest. We may be able to launch sooner but keep an eye on the company announcement page to get the news first: www.globitex.com/news.

What are the security features of Globitex?

We have different integrated security features usable for web platform users and API users. Just to name a few of them: - Two step verification for all web application users - Ability to white list IP addresses you access Globitex application from - Allow only one active web application session Globitex is constantly working on improving our application security level by adding new security features for the clients.

What will the fees to trade on Globitex look like?

As mentioned, we offer commission-free trading in all our products during the BETA phase. When we open to the wider public our pricing will be based on market maker/taker model, where the market maker will be favoured having 0 or close to 0% fees depending on the traded volume per set period. Our token sale is coming soon offering GBX tokens that can be used on the platform for commission fees among other things.

For more information on Globitex see the website and whitepaper or join Globitex on telegram to stay up to date.