13 Dec
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AppCoins Token Sale is Live, Promises a New App Economy

Lawrence Hing Fat Chiu


December 13, 2017 - AppCoins supported by Aptoide, one of the world's most popular App Stores with more than 200+ million users has opened its public token sale offering APPC tokens. AppCoins are offering participants APPC tokens in exchange for ETH, AppCoins is an open and distributed protocol for App Stores using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Serving over 200 million users, AppCoin (APPC) tokens are the new native currency of the app economy that ensures trust without intermediaries.

AppCoins are offering early participants a 20% bonus for the first 7 days or until 30% of the token sale supply is allocated.


AppCoins aims to reinvent the app economy using blockchain technology, by identifying and combating three major problems within the current ecosystem;

  • The inefficiency of mobile advertising. There are several intermediaries between the developer and the user, reducing transparency and the potential return for developers.
  • The inaccessibility of In-App Purchases. Currently there are 5% of smartphone users are making in-app purchases and payment intermediaries increase overall costs.
  • The App Approval process is not transparent. It is still difficult to confirm the identity of the developers and there is no universal approach used by App Stores.

The solution is a blockchain protocol for the app economy using a new cryptocurrency, the APPC token will benefit all stakeholders of the app economy:

  • For Users, a trusted environment with new purchasing possibilities.
  • For Developers, a transparent and efficient way to monetize their apps and build a reputation
  • For App Stores, a new universal language that ensures trust without intermediaries.

To participate in the token sale visit the AppCoins website.

Read their whitepaper here

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