28 Sep
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World's First AR Mobile Combat Game, Reality Clash Token Sale Ends Tomorrow! 17:00 UTC

Lawrence Hing Fat Chiu

reality clash token sale

September 28, 2017 - The world's first Augmented Reality (AR) mobile combat game Reality Clash closes their token sale tomorrow at 17:00 UTC. The innovative FPS (First Person Shooter) game uses the camera on the player’s iOS or Android mobile device to overlay graphics onto their real-world environment, so that streets, buildings and other features become part of the game’s landscape.

The Armory Shop

The AR mobile combat game have recently showcased a preview of the ERC-20 tokenized armory shop that will be available when the game launches. Featuring 3D previews of the guns with a wide range of colour schemes to showcase customisation in-game. Token Sale participants will be able to buy exclusive weapons and start trading them on the Reality Clash platform from November. Visit the armoury shop page here.

Personalised Gun Competition

They are also running their personalised gun competition through their referral program. Anyone who participates in the crowdsale will receive an email containing a referral code and link. All deposits that take place via a referral link will earn that referrer a 5% bonus in RCC Gold, the in-game currency. RCC Gold gives players access to inventory such as weapons, armour and other equipment. The winner of the competition will be the person who accrues the largest referral balance by the end of the crowdsale, at 5pm UTC on 29 September 2017. To take part simply sign up and deposit any amount of Ether (ETH) to the Reality Clash token sale, and receive your referral link for promotional use. Visit the competition page here.

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Reality Clash Token Sale

Reality Clash have currently raise over $2.6 million USD in their Token Sale and are currently offering 50% bonus tokens for all participants. To participate visit their crowd sale website.

For more information visit their website and read their whitepaper.

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