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STOs Have the Capability to Create a New Generation of Global Investor
9 months ago
Beware the Same Old Story - Digital Assets and Traditional Financial Products
11 months ago
Decentralisation Will Propel Exchanges into the Future
a year ago

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Venture Capital Valuation of Startups is Broken
a year ago

TokenMarket's Head of Research, Jay Pazos, describes his internal scoring matrix to determine the overall effectiveness that VCs have when valuing startups. Read more on TokenMarket.

South Korea’s First Won Backed Stablecoin is On the Way
a year ago

A South Korean fintech firm has revealed it has successfully created a traded the nation's first won backed stablecoin. Read more on this story at TokenMarket.

UK Financial Authority Releases 'Guidance on Cryptoassets' Paper
a year ago

The UK's Financial Conduct Authority has released a paper outlining the regulator's stance on cryptoassets. Read more on TokenMarket.

Nasdaq President Believes Crypto Could be “a Global Currency of the Future”
a year ago

President and CEO of Nasdaq Inc., Adena Friedman, believes that crypto has the possibility to become a "global currency of the future." Read more on this story at TokenMarket.

UAE and Saudi Arabia to Launch Collaborative Cryptocurrency
a year ago

The UAE and Saudi Arabia have revealed plans to launch a collaborative cryptocurrency designed for cross-border payments. Read more on this story at TokenMarket.

Winklevoss Twins Optimistic Tokenized Securities and Stablecoins are Future of Crypto
a year ago

The Winklevoss Twins believe that stablecoins and tokenized securities are the future for crypto according to a recent interview.  Read more on the news at TokenMarket.

SharesPost Trades First Security Tokens on Regulated Platform
a year ago

SharesPost has successfully traded security tokens on a blockchain using a regulated alternative trading system, an industry first. Read more on the story at TokenMarket.

US Lawmakers Propose New Legislation to Exclude Cryptocurrencies as Securities
a year ago

Two Congressman for the United States have introduced a bill to exclude digital assets from being classified as securities. Read more on TokenMarket.

Facebook to Develop Cryptocurrency for WhatsApp Transfers
a year ago

Facebook is said to be developing its own cryptocurrency stablecoin for transfers within WhatsApp for the Indian remittances market. Read more on the news at TokenMarket.

IMF Chief Asks Central Banks to Explore Crypto Further
a year ago

Head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, has called on central banks to explore the use of digital currencies in the future. Read more on this story at TokenMarket.

Amazon Announces Partnership with ConSensys on Enterprise Blockchain Marketplace
a year ago

Amazon is set to collaborate with ConsenSys Kaleido to bring an Ethereum marketplace for enterprise-level blockchain. Read more on this news at TokenMarket.

Russia’s Stablecoin to Replicate Ruble in the Digital World
a year ago

The Chairman of Russia's Duma Committee has revealed the country's plans to launch a stablecoin. Read more on this news at TokenMarket.