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What is Needed for Stablecoins to Succeed
10 days ago
How RigoBlock is Democratising Asset Management: An Interview with Founder Gabriele Rigo
3 months ago
Peer Mountain's Jed Grant Provides his Views on Blockchain Regulation at TokenMarket 2018
3 months ago

Stay tuned to changes in Token Market!

Air France-KLM Set to Introduce Blockchain to Reduce Customer Costs
14 days ago

Air France-KLM, the world's fifth largest airline, has announced that it will be working with blockchain travel ecosystem Winding Tree to reduce costs for customers by cutting out intermediaries.

Gabriele Rigo: "Towards The Open Exchange of Value: Transaction Latency and Scalability Solutions"
4 months ago

"The prevalence of this terminology in the ICO space simply demonstrates this point. Blockchain itself, has now become such a buzzword you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the new technology."

STK Token Generation Event Sells Out
9 months ago

STK has closed its Token Generation Event after successfully reaching its hard cap of $17MM more than a month prior to its scheduled public sale.

Gibraltar Financial Service Commission Plans Framework for ICOs
a year ago

Gibraltar Financial Service Commission have released a statement on ICOs that shows promise for the future of the industry in Gibraltar.

Using Ledger Blue hardware wallet and Ethereum Parity to securely store your tokens
a year ago

A hardware wallet is a specialized external device to protect your blockchain assets even if your computer becomes compromised.

Meet TokenMarket in ICO summit, Zurich, 15th September
a year ago

ICO Summit is Switzerland's first conference dedicated to crowdfunding in the blockchain industry.

Warsaw Block (Poland) Apr 27th - Meet TokenMarket
2 years ago

Meet the Tokenauts in Warsaw Block, Poland. The monthly blockchain event topic is ICOs.

Lunyr ICO smart contract audit
2 years ago

The audit for Lunyr ICO smart contracts.

Freya Stevens joins TokenMarket team as Marketing Director
2 years ago

Freya will help TokenMarket crowdsale customers in PR, marketing and community management.

Edgeless security audit
2 years ago

This is a technical audit for Edgeless crowdsale and token smart contracts. Edgeless is a decentralized casino without a house edge.

Media promotion and data sharing opportunities with TokenMarket
2 years ago

List your articles and blog posts in TokenMarket blockchain database.

Creating offline Ethereum transactions in JavaScript
2 years ago

In this tutorial blog post we show how to create Ethereum transactions programmatically and from command line.