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Zoom Raising its IPO Price Could Have a Devastating Impact on its Success
5 days ago
"We Realised Early on That Cryotherapy Systems Were Outdated. So We Decided to Start Our Own Cryotherapy Revolution."
7 days ago
Lyft’s IPO: Why Early Stage Access is Still A Private Members Club
14 days ago

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Hunting Unicorns with TokenMarket: Our Process
a month ago

TokenMarket prides itself on its clients and eye for good business. Read how we pick out the best startup projects to deliver to our growing community.

Why STOs Will Challenge Venture Capital Funding
a month ago

As 2019 is fast becoming the year of the Security Token Offering (STO) we look at how the next generation of crowdfunding opportunities could challenge Venture Capital funding.

Why Security Token Offerings Will Be the Next Step in Digitising Assets
a month ago

With the Security Token Offering (STO) framework making its way to the forefront of the blockchain world, TokenMarket delves deeper into why they mark the future of digitising real-world assets.

Decentralisation Will Propel Exchanges into the Future
a month ago

Centralised Exchanges face a clear number of problems, many of which are rarely addressed, and are often treated as relative “fair game” should anything go wrong. This needs to change.

Venture Capital Valuation of Startups is Broken
2 months ago

TokenMarket's Head of Research, Jay Pazos, describes his internal scoring matrix to determine the overall effectiveness that VCs have when valuing startups. Read more on TokenMarket.

The Rational Investor Presents Demographic Influences on Economic Trends
3 months ago

From traditional investment assets to crypto specific, the video identifies where we are in the current market cycle, and what possible outcomes we could see using the history of past cycles.

2019 Will Be the Year of the Security Token Offering (STO)
3 months ago

On Yavin, founder and CEO of Cointelligence explains why 2019 will be the year of Security Token Offerings (STOs). Read more on this piece at TokenMarket.

Civic: Life After the Token Sale
4 months ago

The latest in our Life After the ICO series is Civic; the network that gives everyone control of their personal identity. Vinny Lingham, Civic Founder and CEO, gives his account of life after the projects token sale.

The Biggest Misconception in Blockchain - An Article by Tom Anderson
5 months ago

A recent blog post by CEO and Founder of the world’s fastest blockchain, Devvio, Tom Anderson discusses the ideas of some of the biggest misconceptions in blockchain.

Malta as an ICO Jurisdiction
6 months ago

Recent surveys show that Malta registered the largest share of crypto trading volume in the world. This success for Malta is attributed to the fact that it is one of the first countries in the world to regulate this industry in a holistic manner. Read more.

STK: Life After The ICO
6 months ago

We take a look back at TokenMarket alumnum STK to gain insight into their progress and life after their token generation event back in January of this year.

What is Needed for Stablecoins to Succeed
6 months ago

Stablecoins have seen an increased demand since the beginning of the year and have been doing so since 2017. We take a look at the changes needed for the coins to be made more viable.