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Over $200m in a Day: How Facebook Used a Security Token to Fund the Libra Association
7 hours ago
How Tokenisation and Blockchain Will Disrupt Capital Markets
a month ago
Binance Hacked? Unlikely
a month ago

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Beware the Same Old Story - Digital Assets and Traditional Financial Products
2 months ago

Digital assets represent the next stage in the evolution of financial products, not only promising increased operational efficiencies but also speaking to a belief in their transformative technologies. The digital asset community would be well served in learning the lessons from failures in traditional financial markets, but as the Tether (USDT) example shows, there is a long road ahead.

“We have to fundamentally change the way that we look at global emissions before it is too late”
2 months ago

George Nicholson from TokenMarket sits down with Almond CEO and founder Oliver Bolton, for an exclusive interview to discuss how he is revolutionising the way we think about global sustainability.

Custody and Digitised Assets: Why It is Needed
2 months ago

With the announcement of our newest partner, DAVOS, we invite the CEO and Founder Ville Oehman to explain just why custodianship is needed in the digital asset space.

Zoom Raising its IPO Price Could Have a Devastating Impact on its Success
2 months ago

Zoom, the video conference software developer, announced that it will be increasing its initial share price range from $28 to $32 per share to $33 to $35 this week. TokenMarket examines the impacts this could have for the IPO.

"We Realised Early on That Cryotherapy Systems Were Outdated. So We Decided to Start Our Own Cryotherapy Revolution."
2 months ago

With cryotherapy being a $2.4 billion global market, and with the number increasing dramatically, TokenMarket sat down with CryotechNordic to discuss how their technology is revolutionising this global phenomenon.

Lyft’s IPO: Why Early Stage Access is Still A Private Members Club
2 months ago

Lyft's recent IPO highlights just how all investors are not getting the same deal when it comes to early-stage access. At TokenMarket, we are going to change this.

Hunting Unicorns with TokenMarket: Our Process
3 months ago

TokenMarket prides itself on its clients and eye for good business. Read how we pick out the best startup projects to deliver to our growing community.

Why STOs Will Challenge Venture Capital Funding
3 months ago

As 2019 is fast becoming the year of the Security Token Offering (STO) we look at how the next generation of crowdfunding opportunities could challenge Venture Capital funding.

Why Security Token Offerings Will Be the Next Step in Digitising Assets
3 months ago

With the Security Token Offering (STO) framework making its way to the forefront of the blockchain world, TokenMarket delves deeper into why they mark the future of digitising real-world assets.

Decentralisation Will Propel Exchanges into the Future
3 months ago

Centralised Exchanges face a clear number of problems, many of which are rarely addressed, and are often treated as relative “fair game” should anything go wrong. This needs to change.

Venture Capital Valuation of Startups is Broken
4 months ago

TokenMarket's Head of Research, Jay Pazos, describes his internal scoring matrix to determine the overall effectiveness that VCs have when valuing startups. Read more on TokenMarket.

The Rational Investor Presents Demographic Influences on Economic Trends
5 months ago

From traditional investment assets to crypto specific, the video identifies where we are in the current market cycle, and what possible outcomes we could see using the history of past cycles.