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Binance Hacked? Unlikely
9 months ago
New Hampshire Aims to Make Bitcoin Legal for State Payments
a year ago
UK Financial Authority Releases 'Guidance on Cryptoassets' Paper
a year ago

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Wyoming Proposes Bill for Issuance of Tokenised Certificates with Stocks
a year ago

Representatives for U.S state of Wyoming have proposed legislation that would allow for tokenised stock certificates to be distributed on the blockchain. Read more on the news at TokenMarket.

Winklevoss Twins Optimistic Tokenized Securities and Stablecoins are Future of Crypto
a year ago

The Winklevoss Twins believe that stablecoins and tokenized securities are the future for crypto according to a recent interview.  Read more on the news at TokenMarket.

US Lawmakers Propose New Legislation to Exclude Cryptocurrencies as Securities
a year ago

Two Congressman for the United States have introduced a bill to exclude digital assets from being classified as securities. Read more on TokenMarket.

Santander and BBVA to Join EU Blockchain Platform
a year ago

Two of Spain's largest banking groups, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) and Banco Santander, are set to join the latest European blockchain platform according to an article published in Spanish economic newspaper Expansion.

Benefits of tokenisation - Lessons learnt from EtherDelta
a year ago

EtherDelta, made infamous by the SEC fine, but it can also show us how powerful tokenisation and decentralisation are.

Singapore Government to Create Blockchain Based Security Token System
a year ago

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has joined forces with the Singapore Exchanges to develop a Delivery versus Payment system for tokenised securities.

Russia’s Stablecoin to Replicate Ruble in the Digital World
a year ago

The Chairman of Russia's Duma Committee has revealed the country's plans to launch a stablecoin. Read more on this news at TokenMarket.

Thailand to Use Blockchain to Track Tax Payments
a year ago

Thailand's Tax Revenue Department has revealed its plans to use blockchain and machine learning technology as a means to track tax payments in the country.

Malta is Establishing an AI Strategy Following Blockchain Success
a year ago

The Maltese government has revealed it is developing an artificial intelligence strategy after recent success as a 'blockchain island.' Read more at TokenMarket News.

What are Securities and Security Tokens
a year ago

An introduction to securities and the concept of a security token.

Malta as an ICO Jurisdiction
a year ago

Recent surveys show that Malta registered the largest share of crypto trading volume in the world. This success for Malta is attributed to the fact that it is one of the first countries in the world to regulate this industry in a holistic manner. Read more.

India’s Largest Internet Group to Form Blockchain Committee
a year ago

India's largest internet and mobile phone group has decided to form a blockchain committee.