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India’s Largest Internet Group to Form Blockchain Committee
2 days ago
Devvio Inc. Opens Exclusive Blockchain-as-a-Service Access to New TestNet
2 days ago
Utility vs Security Token: What's the Difference?
7 days ago

Stay tuned to changes in Token Market!

Air France-KLM Set to Introduce Blockchain to Reduce Customer Costs
14 days ago

Air France-KLM, the world's fifth largest airline, has announced that it will be working with blockchain travel ecosystem Winding Tree to reduce costs for customers by cutting out intermediaries.

Computer Giant IBM Secures Patent Victory for Blockchain-Based Network Security System
16 days ago

Computer giant IBM has won a patent for introducing blockchain-based technology to the world of network security systems.

TokenMarket Opens New Security Token Offering Service
a month ago

TokenMarket, Gibraltar and London based token sale advisory firm, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Security Token Offering (STO) service.

The TokenMarket Breakdown: Devvio
a month ago

This is the TokenMarket Breakdown Series. We’ll be deconstructing upcoming ICO projects to explain the technology, origins and uses cases of blockchain in the real world. In the first of our project breakdowns, we look at Devvio; an Albuquerque based team who have created the world’s most scalable blockchain.

The Bitcoin Podcast Interview with Tom Anderson - CEO of The World's Fastest Blockchain
a month ago

Tom Anderson, CEO and Founder of the fastest blockchain in the world Devvio, features as a guest on The Bitcoin Podcast.

Spending Cryptocurrency in the Real World: Wojciech Kaszycki Breaks Down the Mobilum Project
3 months ago

One of the biggest problems that cryptocurrency faces is the adoption by the masses, which is fueled in part by the difficulty in spending crypto in the everyday world. Two digital payment experts, Brent Almeida, CEO and Founder of Wavecrest and Wojciech Kaszycki, CEO and Founder of Mobilum, discuss how cryptocurrency needs to change in order to deliver mainstream adoption.

SEED Reveals Sprout: A Major Milestone in the Projects Development
3 months ago

Sprout, the AI-powered bot that writes directly to the blockchain, is the latest development from the SEED team. Find out more about what Sprout can do.

The Impossible Task of Fixing Bitcoin: Highspeed Transactions and Elegant Solutions with Devvio
3 months ago

Devvio, a leading global cryptocurrency platform company, celebrated a key milestone in its product development by surpassing speeds of over eight million transactions per second on-chain.

TokenMarket 2018 Summit Update - TokenMarket Introduces Decentralised Exchange
4 months ago

TokenMarket is proud to announce its new decentralised exchange will be coming in late 2018. The announcement made, by CTO and Co-Founder Mikko Ohtamaa at the TokenMarket 2018 Summit, will see TokenMarket delve into the world of crypto trading all on a decentralised network.

TokenMarket 2018 Summit Update - Website Update: Introducing TokenMarket Cap
4 months ago

During the TokenMarket Summit today, Director of Marketing Tom Leadbetter took to the stage to announce updates to the main website.

Gabriele Rigo: "Towards The Open Exchange of Value: Transaction Latency and Scalability Solutions"
4 months ago

"The prevalence of this terminology in the ICO space simply demonstrates this point. Blockchain itself, has now become such a buzzword you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the new technology."

TokenMarket joins Civic, Leading Blockchain Identity Technology Provider, for First Webinar on Decentralized Identity
4 months ago

Civic Co-Founders, Vinny Lingham and Jonathan Smith, are joined by TokenMarket CTO Mikko Ohtamaa for a discussion on Know-Your-Customer verification.