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How Tokenisation and Blockchain Will Disrupt Capital Markets
a month ago
Cryotech Nordic Announces Equity Offering Raise To Enable Global Scaling And Explosive Growth Of Its Cryotherapy Business
3 months ago
Fujitsu Completes Blockchain Electricity Sharing Project Test
5 months ago

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Levi Strauss Partner with Harvard to Create Blockchain Safety System for Factories
5 months ago

Levi Strauss & Co is set to partner with Harvard University to build a blockchain safety system for factories. Read more on this story at TokenMarket.

Yahoo Co-Founder “Blockchain is a Natural Technology for Banks”
5 months ago

Jerry Yang, Co-Founder of Yahoo!, has revealed that he believes blockchain holds significant importance if applied to traditional banking and finance. Read more on TokenMarket.

Deloitte’s Global Survey Brings Positive News for Blockchain
5 months ago

Deloitte's 2018 Global Blockchain Survey has revealed that blockchain technology is getting closer to its "breakout moment every day." Read more on this story at TokenMarket.

Nasdaq President Believes Crypto Could be “a Global Currency of the Future”
5 months ago

President and CEO of Nasdaq Inc., Adena Friedman, believes that crypto has the possibility to become a "global currency of the future." Read more on this story at TokenMarket.

Blockchain Platform Created by IBM and Maersk Signs Spanish Port Authority
5 months ago

The Spanish Port Authority has joined a blockchain platform which is developed by IBM and Maersk, local news outlets have reported. Read more on the news at TokenMarket

UK Ranked Fourth Globally for Number of Blockchain Patents Filed
5 months ago

The UK has ranked fourth globally for the number of blockchain patents filed a recent study by the World Intellectual Property Organisation has found. Read more on TokenMarket.

UAE and Saudi Arabia to Launch Collaborative Cryptocurrency
5 months ago

The UAE and Saudi Arabia have revealed plans to launch a collaborative cryptocurrency designed for cross-border payments. Read more on this story at TokenMarket.

SEAT Joins Alastria Consortium to Create Blockchain Based Products
5 months ago

Spanish car manufacturer SEAT has announced it will be joining the Alastria consortium to create blockchain based products. Read more on this news at TokenMarket.

HSBC Settled Over $250bn Using DLT Technology in 2018
5 months ago

HSBC has revealed that it was using distributed ledger technology (DLT) in order to settle more than $250 billion in transactions. Read more on the news at TokenMarket.

Devvio to Debut World's Fastest and Most Scalable Blockchain Platform
5 months ago

Devvio announced its presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcasing its Devv blockchain technology, a high-performance next-gen blockchain protocol that solves blockchain's biggest challenges, such as cost, scalability, stability, privacy, and fraud/theft/loss, all in a single solution.

Santander and BBVA to Join EU Blockchain Platform
7 months ago

Two of Spain's largest banking groups, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) and Banco Santander, are set to join the latest European blockchain platform according to an article published in Spanish economic newspaper Expansion.

IMF Chief Asks Central Banks to Explore Crypto Further
7 months ago

Head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, has called on central banks to explore the use of digital currencies in the future. Read more on this story at TokenMarket.