31 May

ALERT: Phishing Email - Register EOS


A phishing email has been sent under TokenMarket’s domain name on 31st of May, 2018.

TokenMarket does not use the sender address:newsletter@tokenmarket.net to distribute its emails. TokenMarket official emails come from no-reply@tokenmarket.net or no-reply@communications.tokenmarket.net. Nevertheless, the used email address was an authorized email mailing list sender address and we have started investigating with our email provider partner how this happened. We have revoked all API keys that could be related to the incident.

If you received an email with subject EOS Token Registration please delete it.

Never give away your cryptocurrency private key on any website. If you have done so, please create a new private key and move all your tokens there.

Here is an earlier reported phishing attempt by block.one.

TokenMarket is also working with its anti-money laundering partners and will flag any value transfers through the phishing Ethereum addresses.

We take data security very seriously and are conducting a full investigation into how this happened and what impact it had. We will provide you with further information as soon as we have it.

Fighting against phishing

You can submit links to phishing domains in Google’s Report phishing website blocklist service.

GoDaddy hosted phishing domains can be reported at GoDaddy abuse reports.