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CTN Group
CTN Group
Global Leader In Recovery Technology

Management team

Alari Tinno

Msc. Eng. CPO, in charge of the Estonian manufacturing facility and Chairman of the board. Alari is an experienced entrepreneur with a strong back ground in several successful Estonian tech companies. Special know-how in industrial production and CAD design processes.

Markku Oravainen

Chief Sales Officer and Member of the Board

Two decades of experience in launching new products and business concepts in Nordic countries and in the USA. Strong skills in structuring and building international sales teams and structures. Special skills in the fitness and wellness segment.

Jean-Patrick Martins

Marketing Director

Marketing & Online Solutions Director and Member of the Board. Jean-Patrick is one of the founders of the company and represents the younger generation in the management team. With strong skills in graphic and web design, IT solutions, SEO & Google strategies, he has made it possible for the group to gain global exposure without large investments.

He is in charge of the online presence, visual image and the design of the products, websites and all marketing material.

Jan Eklund

Research & Development Director

Msc. Eng. and Msc. in Sports Science and Member of the Board. Over 25 years of experience in the most advanced IT solutions and machine vision guided robotics. Jan’s own sports coaching career and Masters degree in Sports science enables him to efficiently drive and develop the IT innovations in our business segment to the next level.

Dr. Timo Kylmälä

Medical Director

M.D. Phd, CTN’s Medical Director and member of the Supervisory Board. Timo has been the adjunct professor at Tampere University Hospital and he enjoys decades of experience in operating theaters using both Laser and Cryotechnologies in variety of surgical procedures.

Juha Yliollitervo

Technology Director

Msc. Eng. CTN’s Group’s Technology Director and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, with over 25 years of experience with advanced high tech solutions for variety of industries. Strong skill set and know how in both electro-mechanical and software driven solutions.