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TokenMarket Receives Approval From FCA to Run Security Token Offering in Regulatory Sandbox

TokenMarket, a UK-based global investment platform, announced on Monday it has received approval from the FCA to run its Security Token Offering (STO) in the regulatory sandbox.

TokenMarket Joins Forces with CMS equIP to Support Start-ups

Global investment platform TokenMarket today announces a partnership with CMS equIP, the global accelerator programme for tech start-ups run by international law firm CMS.

TokenMarket to Advance its Security Exchanges via Partnership with Loopring

TokenMarket, the blockchain-based global investment platform, today announces its partnership with Loopring, the protocol for decentralised token exchanges.

TokenMarket Announces Partnership with Singapore Custodian Firm, DAVOS

TokenMarket, a global investment platform, has today announced that it will be partnering with a Singaporean digital asset custodian, DAVOS Custody. DAVOS is a Singapore headquartered company specialising in custody and safekeeping of digital assets for financial institutions, asset managers, funds, exchanges and private investors.

Finding the Next Unicorn with TokenMarket

As excitement around Security Token Offerings (STOs) continues to escalate, TokenMarket, a global investment platform, recently announced that they will be conducting their own STO.

Blockpass Announces Media Partnership with TokenMarket

Blockpass has today revealed a media partnership with TokenMarket, a Token Investment platform based in Gibraltar. The news comes after Blockpass recently announced the Blockpass Seminar Series for 2019.

Cryotech Nordic Announces Equity Offering Raise To Enable Global Scaling And Explosive Growth Of Its Cryotherapy Business

Cryotherapy innovators Cryotech Nordic (CTN) has today announced it will be launching a tokenised equity fundraise in partnership with the global investment platform, TokenMarket. The partnership will see TokenMarket carry out a tokenised equity offering of CTN shares by digitising its assets and placing them on the blockchain.

Unquote Private Equity Podcast: Crypto craze

The Unquote team decodes the intricacies of securitised token offerings and explores what role they might play in the future of venture capital. Kenny Wastell hosts Oscar Geen, Denise Ko Genovese, Gareth Morgan and special guest Ryan Hanley, managing director at token investment platform TokenMarket.

The revolution in capital-raising will not be tokenised quite yet

Fifteen years ago, lots of clever people said the internet would transform how companies raise capital, dramatically reducing the costs. Those very clever people at Google were convinced a revolution was at hand, and used a mould-breaking auction process for the company’s own stock market flotation.

Almond, the Economic Framework for Sustainable Consumers, Announces Partnership with TokenMarket

Almond, a groundbreaking economic framework that aims to tackle the world of sustainable consumer goods, has today announced it will be partnering with global investment platform TokenMarket.

Crowdfunding 2.0: why security tokens will transform start-up finance in 2019

Over the last 10 years, equity crowdfunding has emerged as one of most innovative ways to raise growth. It has democratised finance, providing opportunities to retail investors which would otherwise be restricted to institutional investors such as venture capital or private equity, and it has provided a fresh way for companies to access growth finance.

Cryptocurrency and bitcoin themes to watch in 2019

Interest in security token offerings (STO) as a compliant alternative to initial coin offerings (ICOs) is on the rise.However, that doesn't mean there's going to be a flood of STOs coming down the line just yet.

UK Token Advisory Firm TokenMarket to Help DOVU Conduct STO

TokenMarket extended its partnership with blockchain-oriented mobility ecosystem DOVU to help it organize its security token offering.

Growth Hacking 101 For The Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Startup

Even though we're post 2017's peak, some professionals believe that token generation events (TGE) are far from done. Only this time, they will occur less often and more privately than before. Plus, they will all be much better regulated.

TokenMarket Opens New Security Token Offering Service

TokenMarket, Gibraltar and London based token sale advisory firm, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Security Token Offering (STO) service.

Cryptocurrency: a force for good?

Even now, at this relatively early stage of development – some call it “the 1994 of the internet” –there is a multitude of examples, all over the globe, showcasing how cryptos can be a force for betterment.

How to Launch a Security Token: The Complete Guide

Security tokens are one of the hottest new innovations in the blockchain industry. Advocates believe that they are poised to revamp the financial industry and turn every share, bond, and commodity into tokenized assets.

TokenMarket To Join FCA Regulatory Sandbox To Develop Issuance of Digitised Equity

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) earlier last week announced TokenMarket will join cohort four of the regulatory sandbox. This inclusion will allow TokenMarket to develop, test and measure the use case functionality of tokenising equity crowdfunding.

FCA Chooses Blockchain Companies for Fourth Cohort of Regulatory Sandbox

The Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA ), responsible for conduct and relevant prudential regulation of financial services firms and financial markets in the U.K., has announced the details of the firms selected to be part of cohort 4 of its regulatory sandbox, according to an FCA post.

Tokenmarket joins CIVIC, leading blockchain identity technology provider, for first webinar on decentralized equity.

TokenMarket, the leading advisory expert on ICOs and Token Sales, is announcing a webinar with Civic, the leading blockchain identity verification technology provider. Civic Co-Founders Vinny Lingham and Jonathan Smith, are joined by TokenMarket CTO Mikko Ohtamaa for a discussion on Know-Your-Customer verification.

TokenMarket announces inaugral Token Economy conference in Gibraltar

The leading ICO advisory firm TokenMarket is pleased to announce its inaugural blockchain event ‘TokenMarket 2018: Insights into the Token Economy’. The conference will be held on the five-star Sunborn Yacht Hotel in Gibraltar, taking place from the 28th to the 29th of June 2018.