Business services

We are TokenMarket; a team of over 30 specialists in engineering, financial investment and marketing who provide a hub for ICO, STO sales and blockchain projects. TokenMarket is designed to make the world of digital asset creation simple and offer industry leading advice to our clients.


  • Security token offeringRaise funds for your company by issuing and tokenising shares with automated corporate governance and cap table management
  • Self ServiceCreate your own STO with TokenMarket. We are an established leader with over 30+ token sales to date
  • UK security token crowdfunding platformRaise money for your business with equity crowdfunding on the blockchain.

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Technical services

  • Penetration testingProfessionals will help you to ensure that your web and blockchain services stay hack free.
  • Smart contract auditsTokenMarket developers have been developing for Ethereum and EOS since 2016. Let us help you to ensure your blockchain code is solid.