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Raise money for your business with equity crowdfunding on the blockchain.

Established as Europe’s leading token issuance and advisory platform, TokenMarket is committed to democratising investment opportunities in cutting-edge technology companies.

Since 2017 we’ve assisted 30+ of the most innovative blockchain companies raise over $350m, issuing digital tokens in a secure, regulation compliant manner to over 250k separate wallet addresses.

Within the permit of the UK FCA Sandbox, we are now taking applications for our first round of equity crowdfunding offerings. These will be the first primary issuances of digital shares using DLT.

TokenMarket services for crowdfunding

Who should apply?

TokenMarket specialise in working with innovative tech orientated clients with big plans, typically raising growth capital funds to rapidly scale their business. As our offerings develop, we will start to focus on wider business segments which traditionally have struggled with illiquid markets, e.g. property, arts, funds and luxury assets.

Companies most likely to succeed:

  • Raising up to €8m in Series A
  • UK based issuers
  • European Economic area investors
  • Preferred segments: DLT, Fintech, Ai, Automation, Marketplaces, Data, Web 3.0 Dapps
  • Potential global appeal and vision to scale
  • An existing community who would be keen to invest in the company

What Are Tokenised Securities?

The Cryptocurrency movement pioneered the issuance of digital tokens that represent assets in a blockchain. We can now use this technology to tokenise traditional financial assets such as company stock. Digital tokens enable efficient, faster and more global way to invest and transact. The resulting tokens are called security tokens, as they fall under the existing securities regulations.

Our UK Crowdfunding offering currently focused on Digital Equity shares.

Read introduction article for security tokens.

Why tokenise shares?

In short efficiency… Investors appreciate being able to hold tokens in their own digital wallets. Shares can be audited and transacted without third parties. Proving ownership of assets is easy, making tokens ideal for international business and trading liquidity at a later stage

The Issuer, or the company, gains a robust way to manage its cap table. Lock ups such as those for founder shares can be programmable using smart contracts. The need for physical papers and unnecessary intermediaries is also reduced along with costs.

Outside of your equity raise, Tokenmarket can help your existing shareholders tokenise their own shares.

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TokenMarket services for crowdfunding

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