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TM-DST Destream

Decentralized global financial ecosystem for streamers

1. Aug 2018 - 30. Sep 2018

The main aim of project DeStream is establishing a decentralized global platform for the streaming market that will allow maximizing the productivity of streamers, diversifying their activities and securing start-up capital. They are establishing an innovative platform that will act as an ecosystem for streamers. The use of blockchain technology will allow us to reduce transaction fees by more than twofold. Decentralization will allow us to exclude payment systems from the process and reduce numerous transactions costs. Thus, they will improve the quality of the content and the streamers will be allowed to focus on creation, instead of operational activities.



Anar Mekhtiev - Founder & CEO

Tachat Igityan - Founder & CFO

Alexey Khvostenko - Founder & CTO

Rafael Manvelyan - Founder & COO

Rick K. Dong - Korean Business Development Director

Marc Bell - Business Development Director

Igor Frolov - Gaming Expert

Dmitry Zorkin - Head of community

Sander Klaver - Community manager

Veronika Golavskaya - Ecom Partnership Director

Alex Wild - CIRO

Leyla Gazieva - CBO

Christina Iva - CBO

Country of origin Estonia


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