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Benefits of tokenisation - Lessons learnt from EtherDelta

EtherDelta, made infamous by the SEC fine, but it can also show us how powerful tokenisation and decentralisation are.

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RigoBlock Announces Airdrop for All Whitelisted Participants for December 2018
6 days ago
Russia’s Stablecoin to Replicate Ruble in the Digital World
10 days ago
Thailand to Use Blockchain to Track Tax Payments
12 days ago

IMF Chief Asks Central Banks to Explore Crypto Further
3 days ago
Amazon Announces Partnership with ConSensys on Enterprise Blockchain Marketplace
4 days ago
Singapore Government to Create Blockchain Based Security Token System
6 days ago
The Biggest Misconception in Blockchain - An Article by Tom Anderson
6 days ago
LXDX Reveals Plans for Security Token Offering
11 days ago
BRD Integrates all TokenMarket ICO Tokens
12 days ago

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Meet HACK Fund, the Latest Funding Venture from the Hackers/Founders Team
13 days ago
TokenMarket 'Let's Talk Security Token Offering' Recap
16 days ago
Malta is Establishing an AI Strategy Following Blockchain Success
16 days ago
What are Securities and Security Tokens
18 days ago
Large Japanese Banks to Use Fujitsu Blockchain Settlement Technology
19 days ago
Sony is Developing a Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet
23 days ago