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Zoom Raising its IPO Price Could Have a Devastating Impact on its Success

Zoom, the video conference software developer, announced that it will be increasing its initial share price range from $28 to $32 per share to $33 to $35 this week. TokenMarket examines the impacts this could have for the IPO.

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"We Realised Early on That Cryotherapy Systems Were Outdated. So We Decided to Start Our Own Cryotherapy Revolution."
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Previous Equity Sales Director at Citi and Merrill Lynch, Dominik Coudenhove-Kalergi, joins TokenMarket as Head of Investor Relations
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Managing Director of TokenMarket UK, Ryan Hanley to Speak at Emergence London
14 days ago
Hunting Unicorns with TokenMarket: Our Process
21 days ago
Cryotech Nordic Reveals Localised Cryotherapy Unit: The X°Cryo
22 days ago
Watch TokenMarket and Lewis Silkin Discuss the Fundraising Landscape in a Tokenised World
23 days ago

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