03 Dec
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Civic: Life After the Token Sale

George Nicholson

This is a guest author post, provided by the team at Civic, for information about Civic visit https://www.civic.com/ 

The latest in our Life After the ICO series is Civic; the network that gives everyone control of their personal identity. Vinny Lingham, Civic Founder and CEO, gives his account of life after the projects token sale.

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While the hype around ICOs and token sales continue to fluctuate, the scepticism around these token-related events continues to be a concern both for the industry and for regulators. The scepticism isn’t unwarranted. According to CoinDesk, the majority of ICOs fail within four months, and according to TechCrunch, scam ICOs and token sales raised $1 billion in 2017. But these numbers are not the case for all ICOs or token sales.

The goal for Civic was never the vanity headline. Civic has always been a company with a mission: to give everyone a digital identity that they control. From the beginning, we knew this was an ambitious mission, and it wasn’t something that would happen overnight or without community support for the idea of an identity ecosystem. There is a lot that has happened in past year, which has brought Civic closer to making this mission a reality including partnerships with Anheuser-Busch InBev, Brave, and Telefonica as well as over 130 others; thousands of active users; and the world’s first crypto beer vending machine. Plus, there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon.

Looking Back

The token sale was just the beginning of an exciting journey. Since July 2017, Civic has continued to introduce innovative updates to the Secure Identity Platform (SIP) and new products, all focused on making secure, user-friendly identity verification solutions accessible to more people via the Civic App. We’re continuing to see the Civic ecosystem expand, making the Civic Secure ID reusable in more places and bringing blockchain-based identity verification to life through unique use cases. Highlights include:

  • A new identity verification product, ID Codes. ID Codes is like Twitter’s blue verified badge, but it can be used for any company across the internet, not tied to one social media website. It helps anyone to securely verify people that you’re interacting with online and rebuilds trust on the Internet.
  • The world’s first crypto beer vending machine. We brought a live prototype to Consensus, where Civic App users could scan the QR code on the vending machine to anonymously verify that the user was over 21, without ever sharing the user’s age or birthday.
  • A partnership with Brave. We’re partnering with Brave to bring identity verification to Brave’s over 21,000 verified publishers and working together to combat some of the biggest privacy challenges on the Internet.
  • App-to-App functionality. With Civic Connect, any of the over 6 million Android or iOS apps can integrate Civic to authenticate users without ever requiring a username or password.
  • A partnership with Rivetz and Telefonica. We’re partnering with both Rivetz and Telefonica to create a hardware reinforced Civic App that will be available to the entire Telefonica network.

Another big update was the acquisition of Identity.com which is now the home and name of the decentralized identity ecosystem that Civic is spearheading. We see Identity.com as the foundation for the future of identity, and we are committed to completely open-sourcing Identity.com. In fact, Civic is actually built on top of Identity.com, similar to how Red Hat is built on top of Linux. When we completely open source Identity.com in 2019, we’re looking forward to seeing other companies, like Civic, join the ecosystem and contribute to the identity transformation. Highlights include:

  • Open source libraries and smart contracts. These libraries and smart contracts make it easy for ecosystem participants to seamlessly integrate with Identity.com, underscoring our commitment to building Identity.com with standards that ensure community and interoperability.

Looking Forward

This is only the beginning for both Civic and Identity.com. Civic is not a quick band-aid fix for identity solutions, and we are on a journey that will transform the way we think about identity and how we prove who we are in the modern world.

In 2019, we’re looking forward to getting the open-source version of Identity.com off the ground and welcoming identity Requesters and identity Validators to the decentralized ecosystem. We’re also looking forward to continuing to expand our partner network, and we’re looking forward to more partnerships and new use cases that put an actionable digital identity into more people around the world.

We hope you’ll continue to follow the Civic journey as we drive the identity transformation forward.  

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