Security Token Offering - STO

Over the past 12 months TokenMarket has developed a world-class security token framework based on the Ethereum protocol.

key features

Compared to utility tokens, security tokens require additional functionality and compliance features, offering buyers greater options in terms of financial rights and shareholder rights, including:

  • Investor categorisation; retail, accredited, etc.
  • Payouts; dividend, interest, royalties
  • Voting
  • Lock-ins
  • Tag and drag along
  • Dispute management
our tokens

Security tokens developed by TokenMarket include asset governance features and asset owner rights written into the smart contract. This smart contract based approach automates basic governance rules and reduces unnecessary disputes arising from different interpretations.

Security tokens can represent many different assets, including:

  • Startup and growth company shares
  • Funds
  • Property rights
  • Bonds

Our STO services

Smart contract creation
Custodial technical advisory
KYC and AML technical advisory
Digital asset creation
Solution integrations


Utility vs. Security tokens

Utility tokens are not designed to be investments, but rather currencies used to unlock utility in a given platform. Examples of such currencies can include in-game currencies, closed-loop payment systems , loyalty program points, payment for a software licence or even donations.

If you are interested in utility token issuance, please contact our ICO Advisory.


Security tokens are regulated financial products and anyone engaging in a regulated activity should first seek independent legal advice. TokenMarket’s Security Token Advisory service is strictly limited technical delivery of the token. This is a business to business, software as a service offering and TokenMarket will not and does not purport to provide any legal advice in relation to any potential security token offering.

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