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Reality Gaming Group
Reality Gaming Group
The Future Of Gaming / A New Kind of Gaming Experience
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Reality Gaming Group
Gaming, Blockchain, AR
Tony Pearce, Morten Rongaard
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Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience, involving an enhanced real-world environment, where a mobile phone or similar device is required. While AR has a multitude of applications ranging from architectural design through to commerce and literature, nothing has captured user excitement like AR gaming.

The main component for AR gaming is mobile devices and with each release, the devices are becoming more and more powerful. We are seeing forecasts of AR hitting $120 billion by 2020, of which gaming has been the biggest driver.

AR gaming examples include the hit augmented experience PokemonGo, receiving revenues of $2.9 billion since launch. Not to mention, games such as the Walking Dead making $1.7 million in 2 months and Harry Potter generating $1 million in just 4 days.

Coupled with augmented reality gaming's explosion in the market, gamers have also been exploring digital items within the "in-game collectibles market". Users are able to acquire, purchase and/or trade items that they can use within games. And since this new environment has been created, the market trend has followed a similar trajectory to the AR industry.

Currently virtual in-game items and DLC accounted for $80 billion in revenue in 2017, with forbes predicting that the Digital Crypto Collectible market will be worth $200 billion shortly. In a similar fashion to AR, we can already see a demand and interest in the space with digital collectible cards creating a $1.5 billion market today.

However, mobile games are changing, players now want console style quality, more immersive experiences and true ownership of their in-game items.

About Reality Gaming Group

Reality Gaming Group (RGG) has created a completely new kind of gaming experience.

RGG have built the next generation of gaming technology, developing 'The Reality Platform' an AR geo-location based gaming platform, and 'The DAT platform', an in-game digital asset trading marketplace powered by blockchain technology.

Their flagship game using both the mobile AR technology and digital trading platform is Reality Clash. The world’s first mobile AR combat game - an action-packed and innovative multiplayer AR shooter. Think Pokemon Go meets Call Of Duty with tradable in-game items. Within the first few months of launching, the game has amassed over 40,000 downloads.

One of the unique features about Reality Clash is you can buy in-game limited edition weapons and sell them to friends or trade them in their marketplace. Blockchain technology logs the weapon or collectible with the owner’s information, which then allows you to trade each item or even use them in other games.

For the first time ever Apple have allowed Reality Clash players to buy items outside the app store and download them into the mobile game and then withdraw them back out the game to either sell, trade or use in other games. A world's first!.

This is a game changer for games designers and players and a new $100 billion industry and Reality Gaming Group is at the forefront of it.

RGG aims to be the world's leading AR and digital trading platform provider like ‘Unity’ is for games. Our business will develop new groundbreaking gaming experiences for players, create more games and license this technology to other studios.


The DAT Platform (Digital Asset Trading) Platform: An open-source blockchain toolkit that enables developers and game companies to create ‘tokenised assets’, or truly-owned in-game items such as skins, weapons, apparel and more for third party games. These items can be used across multiple games, they can be sold to friends or traded on peer-to-peer marketplaces.

Reality Platform

The Reality Platform: Will enable licensees to accelerate development of Augmented Reality & geo-location-enabled games for iOS and Android mobile devices. The platform also includes a pioneering Ad serving tool, allowing brands to target ads based on player locations in the map.

Reality Gaming Group achievements;

Our flagship title, Reality Clash, launched on Apple and Google mid 2019.

40,000+ downloads in the first few months of the UK soft Launch.

6,500+ weapons sold in our online armory store.

In the last 3 months, 1.4 million Reality Clash Gold Coins have been spent in the armory store on tradable weapons, and 3.6 million 'in app' silver coins have been spent in the mobile game.

Reality Clash was named by Blockchain Gamer as ‘the most anticipated Blockchain Game of 2019’.

Reality Gaming Group has been nominated for two prestigious industry awards, Meffys’ Best Blockchain Game In Mobile and the Tiga Creativity Awards.