This security token offering (“STO”) is brought to you in association with TokenMarket Technologies Ltd (“TokenMarket”).
Please read the disclaimer and risk warning before proceeding further.

TokenMarket STO

TMAA TokenMarket STO

Frequently asked questions

Here are clarifications for questions we have received from the investors.

  • Yes. The tokens present actual shares in the parent company TokenMarket Ltd..

    You will be added in the shareholder registry.

  • Purchases in the private placement are open for professional investors. TokenMarket is arranging a retail crowdfunding offer for the same shares later where the minimum buy in is lower.

    Depending on the jurisdiction of your residency some limitations may apply.

    TokenMarket needs to comply with the shareholder requirements that apply to all companies in Gibraltar. The rare reasons for the transaction to not to success include sanctions and anti-money laundering compliance.

  • TokenMarket will have an investor relationships manager who will send out investor reports monthly or quarterly. The shareholders have the same rights as with any Gibraltar company, including receiving the audited annual reports. Furthermore, for everyday business, the shareholders can contact TokenMarket via its support chat.

    These reports are delivered electronically, via email and TokenMarket investor portal. These reports are not public and they are available for the shareholders only.

    By the legal requirements, the annual reports are also available via print at the TokenMarket office at World Trade Center 5.04, Gibraltar.

  • TokenMarket reports its shareholders to the Companies House of Gibraltar.

    The names and address of the officers of the company and its shareholders are public records.

  • In the case Brexit, "hard Brexit" or "soft Brexit", which jeopardises the access to European financial markets, TokenMarket can move its European operations to Malta.

    TokenMarket Malta office has already been incorporated and prepared to take over European Union facing business activities.

  • Yes, you can. You can also participate in the private placement in which a minimum threshold is applied. We also have representatives in China to help you directly with other inquiries.