How to connect your ethereum wallet to MetaMask by importing Private Keys?

Step by step guide on how to connect your Ethereum address to MetaMask wallet by importing wallet through Private Keys

You can use MetaMask wallet for interacting with your Ethereum address generated on any other wallet by importing the private keys to MetaMask. This way you can use an address generated from a different wallet application and use it on MetaMask to seamlessly interact and do transaction on TokenMarket Platform.

NOTE: Never reveal your private keys to anyone as private keys provide direct access to your Ethereum Address and one can use it to transfer funds out of the wallet.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to import your Ethereum address and use it on MetaMask wallet -

If you have not installed MetaMask wallet yet - please follow this guide:

How to install and setup a MetaMask Wallet?

Step 1

Unlock you MetaMask wallet in your browser

Step 2

Click on wallet options and go to ‘Import Wallet’

Step 3

When you click on ‘Import Wallet’ select type as ‘Private Keys’ and paste or type in your private key in ‘Paste your private key string here’.

Once you have done that click on ‘Import’.

Step 4

Your wallet will then be imported into MetaMask and you can interact with your Ethereum address on MetaMask.

NOTE: When exporting private keys be extra careful as the security of Private keys are very important. We advice to not make copies of private keys and delete the files permanently. Make sure your device is using encryption and the network you are on is safe as well.

Now that you have exported your private keys to MetaMask wallet and can use your wallet address from MetaMask, you can register your wallet on TokenMarket by following the steps:

How to register your Ethereum wallet on TokenMarket?