How to install and setup a Trust Wallet?

Learn how to install the Trust Wallet on your smart phone and setup your first ethereum wallet.

Trust is a mobile app based crypto wallet, therefore you can have it with you at all times and transact right from your phone.

TokenMarket platform supports Trust wallet and you can take advantage of easy to use interface of Trust and TokenMarket platform to seamlessly invest in STOs, ICOs or trade on TokenMarket exchange with your Trust wallet.

Here are the step-by-step guide on how to setup a Trust wallet and how you can do transactions on it.

Step 1

Download trust wallet from the official Android Play store or Apple App store on your smart phone-

App Store -

Play Store -

Once you have downloaded the ‘Trust Wallet’ app. Open the app and click on ‘CREATE A NEW WALLET’. The option 2 ‘I already have a wallet’ is for existing users who already have Trust Wallet and want to log in into their old account.

In this guide, we will cover how to create a new wallet on Trust.

Step 2

The next step after you click ‘CREATE A NEW WALLET’ is to backup your wallet’s seed keywords.
These keywords need to be kept safe. Here are some recommendations from TokenMarket on the same -

  1. Note down the seed keywords physically on paper and store it in a safe. Avoid storing your seed keywords in a virtual location with an open internet connection.
  2. Make multiple copies of the seed keywords and secure them in safe places, away from each other, so that even if you lose one of the physical copy, you can still access your wallet.
  3. Do not share the seed keywords with anyone.

Step 3

Once you click on ‘CONTINUE’, Trust Wallet app will show you the 12 words that is the key to your wallet. Note down the 12 words on a piece of paper in the correct order.

The Trust Wallet app on the next step will also verify that you have noted the 12 words. Please input the right seed words in order to create and access your Trust Wallet.

Step 4

After finishing the last step to verify that you have stored your seed keywords safely. You will be in the next screen to confirm that your Trust wallet has been created.

Click on ‘DONE’ to access the wallet that you just generated like the screenshot below -

NOTE: Seed keywords are the only way to access your Trust Wallet, if you have access to the seed keywords you will be able to access and operate your Trust Wallet from any Android and Apple Mobile device.

How to send ETH from Trust wallet?

Open your ‘Trust Wallet’ app on your phone and click on ‘Ethereum’ and it will open up your Ethereum Wallet in the Trust Wallet.

Once you are inside your Ethereum wallet, click on ‘Send’

Add the ‘Recipient Address’ and the amount of ‘ETH’ you want to send and click ‘NEXT’.

‘Confirm’ the transaction on the next screen.

NOTE: In place of ‘INSUFFICIENT ETH BALANCE’, the app will show ‘CONFIRM’. The wallet in this guide does not have any ethereum or ethereum tokens in it, therefore it shows insufficient balance.

How to receive ETH and ETH tokens in your Trust Wallet?

Open your ‘Trust Wallet’ app on your phone and click on ‘Ethereum’ and it will open up your Ethereum Wallet in the Trust Wallet.

Inside your ‘Ethereum (ETH)’ wallet, click on ‘Receive’.

You can copy your Ethereum address by clicking on ‘Copy’ or you can share the QR code by clicking ‘Share’.

When you or the sender sends Ethereum or Ethereum Tokens to this address, it will get credited in your Trust Wallet.

How to connect and register Trust Wallet with TokenMarket?